Blankenberge Belgium

In West Flanders you will discover the town of Blankenberge. This town is one of the many seaside towns that you will find in the country of Belgium. While lots of people do pertain to Blankenberge for a sun and sand vacation there are other sights and activities that you can do while you are ready. One fascinating sight that you will discover in town is that of 350 meter long pier which was constructed below in 1933.

Prior to you look at the various fascinating sightseeing activities that you can do you may be interested in some fascinating celebrations and famous residents of this town. The celebrations that you will encounter when you go to Blankenberge are the 2 day Marching Occasion which takes place every first weekend of May. Another terrific festival to see is that of the Flower Parade which takes place yearly throughout the last Sunday in August. You can if you like see the Carnival Parade or that of the Klankenberge Celebration.

Some renowneded people in history that you can find from Blankenberge are Rudi Pillen who is a Belgian Contemporary painter and Brian Vandenbussche who is a Belgian goalkeeper. You also have Frans Masereel who was born in the town of Blankenberge in 1889. He was a Flemish woodcutter and painter. Another historical figure who lived and died in Blankenberge is that of Adolf Eugen Fick. Fick was the inventor of Holiday house Belgian coast
While understanding these truths can be rather intriguing you may be more interested in what you can find right here in Blankenberge. Well first off you might enjoy seeing the Sea Life Center. Below you will be able to see numerous different sea creatures and if you are fortunate then you can even have the chance of lightly cuddling a few. For example think how thrilled you will be if you have the possibility of touching a shark without getting injured or assaulted. This is definitely a wonderful opportunity.

Another terrific location for you to go to in Blankenberge is that of the Reptilian Residence. Here you will see numerous different reptiles like snakes, chameleons, and there are also many spider varieties that you will be able to see. Each of these animals will be housed in enclosures which resemble their natural environment. While you might have to look beyond their camouflaging techniques you will acquire a better appreciation about these animals that share the world with us.

While sightseeing is one of the better ways to get familiarized with a country there is absolutely nothing more interesting and enjoyable to see than the various celebrations which can take place because country. In Blankenberge if you opt to come during the summer season you may be lucky sufficient to see an artist dealing with a work of art. This masterpiece nevertheless will take place on the resort's beaches as it is a sand production. These productions are part of the Sand Celebration and throughout that time you will see numerous artists developing splendid sand sculptures which will take your breath away.