John Hancock

By: Reginiqua & Coreyanna

John Hancock's Bio

What was done after the war

John Hancock helped frame the Massachusetts Constitution, he suffered from gout(It occurs when uric acid builds up in blood and causes inflammation in the joints). John Hancock is remembered for his famous lead of the Rhode Island War and the signature of the Declaration of Independence.

The impact that he had on the outcome of the war

Hancock came into direct conflict with the British in 1768, when one of his merchant ships, the Liberty, was seized in Boston Harbor by British customs officials who claimed Hancock had illegally unloaded cargo without paying the required taxes. Hancock was a popular figure in Boston, and the seizure of his ship led to angry protests by local residents. In the ensuing months and years, Hancock became increasingly involved in the movement for American independence. Massachusetts was at the center of this movement, and Boston, in particular, was dubbed the “Cradle of Liberty.”