Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Source?

by Kevin Martin 12/10/15

The Discovery

Hello, I am Kevin Martin, a scientist that studies development of energy in the Kirk Kennedy Science Center of North Carolina. Through multiple tests, studies on the sun, and afterwards we realized a new and brilliant way of utilizing Nuclear Fusion as an energy source.

How is it Possible?

As we all know, fusion is used to power stars and the Sun with fusing hydrogen and helium atoms. Once the hydrogen is heated, the use for energy is endless. Nuclear Fission is known to be easier to use, and has a greater amount of energy released. However, Nuclear Fusion has many more benefits. It produces less radioactive particles, its all natural, it doesn't use uranium, its conditions are much easier to create, and the energy released is 4 times greater than using Nuclear Fission.

Safety Concerns

There are no thermonuclear plants to create this in, which is a good concern. However, the reasoning for it to be very safe is: it doesn't release radiation, its waste can be radioactive for 50-100 years, factory's would never melt down. The only downside is what people could create with these fusions, such as bombs.

Economic Impact

Energy Rates- 750 Million dollars have gone into the research for nuclear energy. With energy rates being able to create multiple plants and a definite bet that nuclear energy will begin to increase in use for electric products.

Conventional Energy Markets- Long-term, high-capital investment in markets driven by short-term prices will cause multiple issues in getting into markets and creating a reliable electrical system.

Future Prospects- Nuclear power is cost competitive with other forms of electricity generation. There is enough to create plants, but to create it as a main form of electricity is going to be expensive and difficult.