Reign or Shine

Demon Princess #1



Welcome, to Erin Heights. New-found home of Nikki Donnovan, the supposed heir to the Shadowlands throne, but let's save that for another time.

The snow-covered landscape of Erin Heights is a 360 degree turn from her old home, in San Diego. There's no other reason for her movement across the continent, than her mother falling in love on a singles cruise with a Canadian accountant.

Yet, here she is. But what else is in store?


Nikki Donovan's life has took many turns, due to her mother's catastrophic love life.

She acts as if she's supportive of her mother's motives, but in truth, these cause her dramatic transitions.

But in a miraculous event of cheese pretzels and suffocation, Nikki saves the life of the "queen" of the Royals, the popular clique of her school.

Melinda, the girl in question, rewards Nikki with one week of friendship with her, but secretly uses this as a screening process to see if Nikki was a suitable friend.

Flip a few weeks later, two days before the Winter Formal, Nikki is approached by a seventeen-year-old Chris Sanders, her accumulated crush of the current time.

Chris suavely asks her to the dance, and being the basic teenager she is, she accepts.

Prior to this, she noticed an ominous boy in the backdrop, who decided she was a candidate for staring at, she quickly stares back, and he promptly leaves.