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Chapter: 1 setting up for survival

Chapter:2 making food

Chapter:3 how to craft

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Chapter: 1 Setting up For Survival

The first thing you do in minecraft is to chop down a tree. You need to do this to make tools and shelter. The next thing to do is to build your house and make tools. after that you need to go mining for natural resources like, iron, diamonds, and cobblestone. you need 8 pieces to make a furnace. you now have a safe place to live.

Chapter: 2 making food

Now that your house is built you should go get/make some food. There are different ways that you can do this.

  • Kill animals like cows,pigs,sheep,chickens,and rabbits for their meat.
  • You can possibly get seeds by breaking grass. If you are successful in getting seeds then you can plant them near water. If you have bonemeal use it on the plants to speed up the process.

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How to craft

Crafting in minecraft is really important. You cant make a sword without crafting it, You need to craft a crafting table. "how do I do that?" your wondering, CHOP DOWN A TREE and make wood planks. Next go into your invintory "AGAIN How do I do that?" your wondering AGAIN press E (computer)or press X to craft and Y to go to invintory (xbox) or the ...(ipad).

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The end

about the author

my name is dom i am a 3rd grader. (unless reading passed 2016) my favorite thing to do is to play terraira and minecraft in terraira i have wings a "nasty phaseblade" a hard cloud in a bottle a sandstorm in a bottle a godly drill. ok more about me. i have 1 dog now before I had 2 but he did die sadly his name was max and he was a good dog): R.I.P max. BUT my other dog is still alive and in good condishin (i cant spell that good)


minecraft: a 3-d blocky game

diamonds: a rare mitiral that you can make tools out of

bonemeal: speeds up growth progress

invintory: how much you can hold