Tech-Tastic Tuesdays!

Where teaching with technology gets creative!

Have you been wanting to use technology in your classroom, but need new ideas?

Then come to Tech-Tastic Tuesdays in January! We are so excited to offer the opportunity for individualized instruction and hands on experiences with apps and websites built for instruction, but also for student creation! Come together with a group of students and teachers to focus on learning something new and bringing fresh ideas to your classroom!

Tech-Tastic Tuesdays

Tuesday, Jan. 19th 2016 at 4:30-6pm

3145 Barrow Street

Abilene, TX

The second day of the event will be January 26 at 4:30. Please bring your iPad. We will have some iPads and laptops available for use, but bringing your own iPad is recommended. We will meet in the Madison MS auditorium. We are excited to explore technology with you!

Schedule of Events


4:30-4:40 Welcome and Norms

4:40-5:00 Intro to featured apps/websites

5:00-5:15 Gallery walk through app/website options

5:15-6:00 Intro to chosen app/website


4:30-4:40 Welcome and norms

4:40-4:50 Find room assignments and breakout

4:50-5:20 Complete creation assignment

5:20-6:00 Brainstorming session- lesson plans

*Hosted by Bison Bytes*

Bison Bytes is a student elective meant to assist teachers and students in incorporating technology in to the classroom. We are excited to provide this opportunity, but also excited to gain skills and knowledge that will help us in our future.