By: Johnny Bankins


It is very bad that there are homeless people in the world. In Canada, the most homeless people live in Toronto. Homelessness is very important because people are suffering because they might not have money or food. Some homeless people want to commit suicide because maybe that person hates living as a homeless person.

Any homeless person might also suffer when the temperature is very hot or very cold. Any homeless person could suffer because the person might not have a bed to sleep on. So, not having a bed could be hard or uncomfortable for the homeless person to sleep on the ground.

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What is causing homelessness?

The homeless people don’t have enough money to buy a house.
They barely have any money, so that means the person can’t buy or rent a house.
They need affordable or cheaper houses, apartments or motels.
They don’t have access to health supports.
Discrimination against poor or homeless people can prevent them from getting a job.
People can become homeless if they experience a difficult personal situation like divorce, job loss or a house fire.
Violence or abuse at home may also cause homelessness.

All of these problems are ways people become homeless.

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What is the Federal government doing to help the homeless people?

  • The Federal government is building a structure for the homeless people that have mental issues.
  • In the Economic Action Plan 2013, the government promised to give $119 million for 5 years to the homelessness partnering strategy (HPS) with special focus on the “housing first” approach.
  • Around 60 communities in Canada support HPS.
  • Housing first tries to move any homeless person that is living on the street or in a shelter to stable housing.

What solution has already been tried and why didn’t it work?

  • All the governments of Canada were not helping the homeless people because they kept on doing the same roles over and over again. Then, the Federal government spent 1 billion dollars to decrease the amount of homeless people since 1999. But instead of the amount decreasing, the amount of homeless people started increased instead. Now these days the federal government has a new role and the provincial government is leading the way. This is one solution that has already been tried but didn't work out.
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Action plan: What the Federal government can do

  • The Federal government can pay for the shelters and stable housing. The Federal government will pay for all the beds, food and health care too.
  • The Federal government would give $46 one time to each homeless person to help the homeless person have a better chance of surviving.

Action plan: What the Provincial government can do

  • The provincial government will pay for the shelters and stable housing in Ontario and will also pay to make more beds more shelters for homeless people to sleep in for a day or two in Ontario.

Action plan: What the municipal government can do

  • In Richmond hill there is a youth drop in center for youth between 13 and 24. It helps the homeless teens build skills. For example, to become more independent. It has shelters to sleep in, food, clothes and It also has a place for them to hang out and play together in it.
  • Salvation Army of York Region tries to help prevent homelessness and also tries to help prevent people from losing their houses. Salvation Army is helping the homeless people by making a room that is supposed to be a shelter. In it there are mats for the homeless people to sleep on. Salvation Army has places all over Canada called "The Salvation Army's booth center.

Action plan: What the Community can do

  • The community will bring the homeless people to a shelter if the people in the community see any one on the streets that is homeless. If the people in the community don't know what to do about the homeless person, they can call the police and the police will bring the homeless person to any shelter or stable housing.

Action plan: What I can do

  • When I have clothes that I don't need anymore, I can donate the clothes to Salvation Army.
  • Another thing I would try to do is to donate some dry food cans to the food bank, to give to the homeless people to eat. When I see a homeless person on any street, I will smile at the homeless person and talk to them in kindly. I could also ask the homeless person if he wanted any food to eat.