Shiloh Scoop

Spring Edition Volume 2

Spring spruce up!

Tennis Pavilion Area Power Washing

The Board would like to extend a huge thanks to homeowner Dustin Holland. Dustin did a fantastic job power washing the concrete around the tennis pavilion. His volunteered time has blended the new concrete (that was fixed) with the existing concrete. We are so appreciative of his efforts.

Fencing: rotten boards replaced and painted

The entire fence line in Shiloh Farms has been fixed and repainted. All rotten boards and posts have been replaced and have been painted with fresh black paint.

Forsyth County has added radar speed signs and directional signs

As a resident of our community, please set an example by going the posted speed limit on Shiloh Road. Our residents should never see "TOO FAST" or "SLOW DOWN". Please also slow down within our neighborhood and stop at all stop signs. The Board is working with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department to have a police presence to stop both truck drivers and speeders. We can set the tone for what is acceptable in our neighborhood.

Directional signs were also installed by Forsyth County in multiple locations to try to encourage non residents to use Shiloh Crossing and not cut through our neighborhood.

Huge tree trimming project along Shiloh Road

All trees along our section of Shiloh Road were professionally cleaned up. All dead branches were cut away. Notice the beauty of the sculpted canopy as you drive through our section of the road. The Board also convinced the Meadows to remove the dangerous hanging branch in their section.

Tennis Courts and vandalism

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are an expensive amenity to maintain. Please talk to your children about only using the tennis courts to play tennis. A group of children decided to sit on the nets and damage them. Please respect the time and maintenance and expense required when the courts are not used properly. A huge thank you to homeowner Steven Christensen who helps to maintain the court area as well as so many other thankless tasks around our neighborhood.

Hedges have also been trimmed back around the courts to make ball finding easier on players.

The Board is working with The Meadows

The Board has been working with the Meadows to get the businesses along Shiloh Crossing to clean up their act. Homeowner Steve Christensen has kindly been cleaning up their mess in our streams along Shiloh Crossing. The Board has asked Steve to leave the black bags (that he cleaned up) along Shiloh Crossing. The Meadows has given their businesses 30 days to clean up our area, the Board will follow up with The Meadows on April 13th (30 days from our contact date). The Board has also involved the County in this problem.

Don't Forget Dues and canceling your current Trash Company

  • Annual assessments were due on March 1st and are considered late as of March 31st.
  • If you are not currently with Red Oak, please remember to cancel your service with your current service provider as of April 1st, 2022 and arrange pick up of your trash totes.
  • All Red Oak trash cans should have been delivered to non Red Oak customers and the recycling totes will be delivered March 29th. Please be patient with this transition process.
  • The first ALL NEIGBORHOOD Red Oak pick up date will be Tuesday April 5th. Red Oak usually passes completely by 9am (both trash and recycling), so be sure to have your trash out the night before.

Note on Entrance to Belmont

The Board is very aware of the mud issue at the Belmont entrance. We have asked our landscapers to remove the mud each time they service our property as a temporary solution. Our homeowner pond committee is trying to work on a permanent solution and the Board is also working with the County. This is a very complicated problem involving run off from property that is not owned by Shiloh Farms. Please be patient as we try to find and implement a permanent solution. If you are a resident that is an expert in this area and have ideas, please email one of the Board members. Water flow reference video during a heavy downpour provided by Board member Gary Nixon.
Big picture
Belmont Entrance Water Flow

Shiloh Farms HOA Board of Directors

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