Come to Jamacia

A Great Place


Jamaica is the Caribbean’s largest English-speaking island. Although Standard English is the official language and is taught in school, what the majority of people actually speak to each other is called Jamaican patois (pronounced “PA-twah”), Jamaican Creole, or simply Jamaican. Jamaican patois, which came about during the time of slavery, is a mixture of English and African languages.


The national dish is saltfish (salted codfish) with ackee (a fruit that looks and tastes a little like scrambled eggs when it is cooked), but Jamaicans have many other favorites, too. Jamaican food is often spicy from the peppers used to flavor the sauces. The hottest pepper in Jamaican cooking is the Scotch bonnet pepper. Just a little drop can burn the mouth. Roasted meat and fish seasoned with a spicy sauce called jerk is sold and eaten everywhere. Curried goat is a favorite, as is manish water (a soup made with goat intestines). Jamaicans often serve rice and beans with their meals; they call this dish rice and peas. Jamaican patty (a flaky pastry filled with meat or vegetables) and plantain or banana chips are favorite snacks. Desserts often include sweet fruits, like guava, jackfruits, and mangoes. These can be eaten raw or made into ice cream or sauces to pour over cake.

By: Madison Rushlow