Town News


"Mistical" Creature

Blood-sucking, flesh-eating tentacles on the loose!

Monster has many tentacles each with rows of suckers that eat humans and suck the blood out with whoever the tentacles come in physical contact with.

Teenager Norm didn't know any better, looked under the slightly opened garage door of the back room of the grocery store then was captured and eaten alive by the creature never to be seen again.


Escape Attemption

David Drayton has recently left the grocery store with his son Billy Drayton, Amanda Dunfrey, Toby Jones, Jeffery DeMunn, and Frances Sternhagen. Toby, unfortunately, didn't make it alive to the car and was taken then killed by the creature. Everyone else got to the car but then a giant bug creature flew into the windshield and cracked it. Once the bug was gone, David drove slowly away without the ability to see because of the mist.


It is not clearly known what the weather is like because it is some kind of thick, foggy mist that is no where it can barely be seen through.

Temperature: 65 Degrees Fahrenheit

Advertisement of the Day

Dog Food Kibble Bags

They can feed your dog, yes, however they can come into better use.

Stack the bags on top of each other against the window to protect you from the crazy giant bugs from coming in.