What's New in C2

January 25 - 29, 2016

Learning in C2

Literacy- We are expanding our knowledge of nonfiction text features (headings, pictures, captions, diagrams, etc.) and how readers use them to better understand a text. We are applying what we've learned about nonfiction text features to our own writing of informational texts and preparing to publish this work. Learners are continuing to review main idea and key details. We'll be moving into the five W's and How of nonfiction text.

Math- Learners are solving foundational multiplication skills (groups of numbers, arrays, and repeated addition). Learners have begun to explore specific attributes of shapes with a given number of angles or equal faces.

Project Work- Classes are gathering information about their topics through field expert visits, books, observation, and online sources. As learners are ready, they will be guided toward the design phase of the project.

Upcoming Events:

February 5 - Group Picture Day!

February 8 - Miss Alexander's Birthday

February 9 - C2 POP Time

February 12 - Family Valentines Party

February 12 - PTSA Cookie Orders Due

February 15 - No School - Teacher work day

February 16-19 - Book Fair

February 18- PTSA Meeting

February 21- Mrs. Franklin's Birthday

March 12 - Mayor's Marathon

Come join us for breakfast!

We are in the beginning stages of launching Pike Road Papas. This is an opportunity for Dads to get involved in the lives of our students. In conjunction with Pike Road Papas, we are inviting families to breakfast every Friday morning. You can eat with your children and with others who tend to gather around visiting Dads and Moms. Come share your family's love with the Pike Road Family.

Breakfast for adults costs $2.50 and breakfast for learners cost $2.00.

Mystery Readers

If you haven't already signed-up take the opportunity to be a Mystery Reader! Mystery Readers are special guests who come to our classrooms to read a story to students. Mystery Readers can be parents, grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives. Click the links below for more information about becoming a Mystery Reader for your child's class.

Reading for Education Fundraiser

Learners will be receiving an envelope in their red take home folder for a Reading for Education Magazine Fundraiser. All we ask is that you complete the information requested for relatives and friends who may be interested in supporting our school. For complete details please access this link for a brief informational video:http://www.rfe.net/videoMix/. Please return the envelope no later than Monday, February 1.

Checking Our Prior to Dismissal

Learning takes place at PRS every moment of the day. We understand there are circumstances that necessitate early check-out. If you are going to check out your child, please do so no later than 2:25 to prevent congestion and interruptions to our daily dismissal process. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Wish Lists

* Please do not feel obligated to donate. We would be grateful to receive items, but it is in no way expected. Due to the nature of our learning, our students go through a lot of supplies. We happily order and buy supplies regularly, but these are some of the most frequently needed items.

Miss Alexander’s Family

  • copy paper

  • 8 ½ x 11 paper (white and colored)

  • file folders

Mrs. Davis’s Family

Mrs. Franklin’s Family

  • copy paper

Mrs. Housley’s Family

  • hole reinforcement stickers for notebook paper

Mrs. Steindorff’s Family

Miss Waldrop’s Family

  • Clear page protectors

  • Kleenex

PRS Health and Wellness Equipment Drive

From Coach Klinger and Coach Hines:

Donated items can be delivered to Coach Klinger in the gym:

  • basketballs
  • soccer balls
  • footballs
  • volleyballs
  • kickballs
  • yoga mats
  • wiffle golf balls
  • 14-foot jump ropes
  • ping-pong balls
  • bean bags
  • hula hoops
  • stacking cups

*Please remember to send your child with appropriate footwear for Health and Wellness Class (Physical Education).

How was your day?

Try one of these conversation-starters:

  1. Tell me about the best part of your day.
  2. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?
  3. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?
  4. Tell me about what your lead learner read to your class.
  5. Tell me about what you read today.
  6. Who did you play with today? What did you play?
  7. What's the biggest difference between this year and last year?
  8. Which quiet station did you go to today? What did you do there?
  9. Which free exploration station did you go to today? What did you do there?
  10. With whom did you sit at lunch?
  11. Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?
  12. Are you working on a project right now? How's it going?
  13. What's something that you are looking forward to at school?
  14. Did you have Art, Music, Drama, or PE today? What did you do there?
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