Immigration's Psychological effects

The hidden truth by Diego R. Espin

With over 11 million undocumented citizens in the United States alone with today's modern rules, many are sent back. But what does that mean for the families? Many times immigrants come to this country running away from little to no opportunity from where they come, These people need a better life or they would have stayed in their own country. This psychological issue is ignored and not being looked at as much because of the excuse that these people should not be in the first place, these people many times do not have a better option and are forced to make this decision often to take care of a family, send money to struggling families or simply want to become better.

Families being apart and having zero chance of fixing that yourself things can get tough mentally. You leave your friends and family and sometimes you have no one, it is a different world. It an invisible prison for many, these people can go for years without seeing loved ones with only having phone calls as their option of contact, with decades to be legalized many have the severe psychological effect of knowing a loved one has passed away or someone is very sick.

Many ordinary undocumented people know they are frowned upon when they leave to their job or even children to their school they are given fewer chances or even not wanted and can have severe self-esteem issues.

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A heart-broken father leaving his wife and daughter after falling victim to deportation

Undocumented Americans

This video explains the struggles of a undocumented adolescents experience since finding out being illegal from a young age and his experiences with his journey.
Undocumented Americans

Immigration with Children

Imagine having the talk with your parents, no not the one everyone has but a conversation finding out you are an illegal. You find out you are an illegal immigrant at a young age and it is a difficult thing for your mind to comprehend. Do you feel unwanted? Or should you feel scared, what about both? Young children have the pressure of keeping this secret, many times parents tell their children to keep this dark secret because of the constant fear of being deported.

As a young child going to school you may wonder why your father is not home, why you can only have contact by a short phone call but mom says its okay because he is on the other side sending us money to live for our little food and clothing. Families are separated by a border and many are not united for decades with our broken immigration system and tight processes.

The psychological effects on a child can be devastating. Grades dropping, having anxiety and depression all because of immigration laws. These things affect children knowing their parents are not together or in the house. The simple effect of a child missing a parent because they cannot enter the country or because they have been deported can effect one and should be treated. This issue should be acknowledged. Many times this issue is not a problem or is ignored because it is kept quiet. The people are told to be quiet and under the radar many of times.

As these kids grow up with having found out where they thought was home was actually some place they are not wanted they grow up to a world with disadvantages. They grow up and wonder why can I not drive and get a license? or Why can I not get a normal job like all my other friends? It can be depressing for many knowing what am I supposed to do after high school.

For an undocumented child your whole life you feel isolated. There are many times you know you are not wanted, you are looked at a different way and racism comes in as a large factor. Many children observe this behavior and are quiet. Many children cross the border and do not know English, this allows insecurities to grow and become isolated from other children. Immigrant children grow up differently, they are often confused. Bullying is a large issue with an undocumented child, often other kids are aware of this issue and surprising racist. Others can bully and effect self-esteem largely.

For these kids coming in from a different county, this is their new home. Not only a different language but a new and different culture this is often confusing. This is a large reason immigrant children isolated themselves. They feel as if they are not one of them, they may feel alone.

What can be done

We need to help these poorly understood people. Many do not know english, many are afraid and most need help with the psycholgical effects of coming to a new country where many feel alone mentally and physically.

Visit a phychologist. With this topic slowly being an issue being made aware of psychologist are growing in numbers to help you with your issue.


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