A Christmas Carol Background

Amaya Mielke

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Child Poverty and the Victorian Era

Many factory workers in the Victorian Era dealt with long hours, unsanitary conditions, and low pay. Among these workers were many children. Particularly children from poor families who were all but forced to send their children away because they needed the income.
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The Industrial Revolution

Industrialization (In Britain) allowed for people to travel cheaply and easily with the widespread use of the railroad. The Industrial Revolution also attracted many visitors and contributed majorly to the development of medicine and healthcare.
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Charles Dickens' Works

Troubles from Dickens' childhood, such as poverty and debtor's prison, had a lasting impact on Dickens' character and art. He continuously drew from his experiences as inspiration for his work. Dickens' first published work, "Sketches by Boz", was received well as a series of sketches. Among Dickens' most popular works are: A Christmas Carol, Davis Copperfield, and Great Expectations. All of which were considered works of literary genius.