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We Did It - Week 1 of Distance Learning Complete!

Hello Bobcat Families! What an adventure the first week of Distance Learning has been for everyone. We thank you for your patience, support, and feedback as we navigate these new times we find ourselves in. Please know we are 100% here to support you every single day, even though we may not “see” you. Our entire New Leb staff is available by email and dojo, and if you need phone or FaceTime support, please let us know. We are also available for technical support - accessing all of these resources can be laborious and time consuming, and we are here to help!

The goal of this time is to continue on with learning the best we can - not at the expense of additional anxiety or distress. While you are juggling so many things already, and now your child’s education on top if it, remember to take care of yourselves too. Once this is all over, your child will remember how your family made it through this time. That is what is most important - family and community. If your child is finding a task challenging or difficult - take a break. Come back to it later. Send a dojo message to your teacher. Do not let it create any sense of panic or distress - it is not worth it for you or your child. We will all get through this bizarre phase together one day at a time.


Ms. B & Mrs. Monaco

New Lebanon Teachers "Work From Home"

New Lebanon Students "Work From Home"

Distance Learning

There are NEW expectations for when work will be posted by staff and when it must be submitted by students. Work will be posted by teachers at 9:00am, to be completed anytime by students until 9:00am the following day. As an example: Work posted by 9:00am on Wednesday can be submitted at any time over the next 24 hours. There is a ‘due day’, there is no ‘due time’ within that day. We have this large window of time as we suspect that many of our students have child care duties with their grown ups at work and their little siblings home from school that require us to be flexible. That being said, if you can, we would encourage you to follow some sort of daily schedule - an example can be found here. You may have also received examples of daily schedules from your teachers - feel free to use those, too! This will provide the structure that will help you and your student succeed.

Below are links to log into your students’ grade level lesson plans. All future days will be in the same place for Distance Learning!

Click on each link to access your child's lesson plans for each day...these are the same Google Docs as you accessed all last week!

Kindergarten link

Grade 1 link

Grade 2 link

Grade 3 link

Grade 4 link

Grade 5 link

Meals for Families

Greenwich schools are providing free breakfast and lunch to ALL students 18 years and younger. The Route Schedule for Drop-off is included in this link. If picking up for many children or siblings, please bring a bag to help you bring the food back home.

Acuario Restaurants in both New York and Connecticut will be providing a lunch bag for the children of our community between the hours of 11am and 1pm and again between 4pm and 8pm. As a community, we want to help relieve one stress during these difficult times. Please bring or send your child to our locations during these times listed. We do not want any children in our community to miss a meal. Stamford Location: 78 West Park Place and Port Chester Location: 163 North Main Street. Again: hours for pick up are: 11-1pm and 4-8pm.

Neighbor to Neighbor - Food Assistance:

If you need additional food assistance for your family during this time, please reach out to our school social worker, Sandra Saavedra at Sandra_Corrente@greenwich.k12.ct.us.

Wifi in your Home

If you need WiFi, it looks like Optimum is offering free wifi for those who need it. Log in here: https://www.alticeusa.com/news/articles/feature/corporate/altice-usa-brings-free-broadband-k-12-and-college-students-during-coronavirus-pandemic


Our School Social Worker School Psychologist will be available during school hours (8:00am-3:00pm) via email if you need any support.

Kaitlin Cyr: kaitlin_cyr@greenwich.k12.ct.us

Sandra Saavedra: Sandra_Corrente@greenwich.k12.ct.us

In case of an emergency, please call 911 or 211 (Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services or EMPS).

Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-203-1234 if you or someone you care about is experiencing a crisis or are concerned about someone who might be.

Kids in Crisis - 24 Hour Hotline - (203) 661-1911

Need help? Not sure? Any time of the day or night, there is always a live counselor on the end of the phone. These trained Crisis Counselors are available to provide immediate help and assess services needed to address and work through any situation.



Hotline Numbers for residents who have questions about COVID-19:






COVID-19 Testing at Murphy Medical Associates:

1 East Putnam Ave, Greenwich 06830

30 Buxton Farm Road, Stamford, CT 06905

IB Exhibition

Our 5th Grade IB Exhibition will be postponed until a later date - please stay tuned for more information! Students should continue working on their exhibition projects and collaborating with their teacher mentors!

Dojo (and other app) Delays

Many of the apps we use on a regular basis (dojo, Raz Kids, etc.) are being overwhelmed by the number of people trying to access them across the world during this time. If they are slow or not responding, feel free to take a break and come back to them later. During your break, you can do a Go Noodle or take a walk outside!

Greenwich Times Article featuring New Lebanon

Check out our very own Bobcats and how they are using Zoom to stay up to date with their school work. Way to support one another, New Leb! You can try out Zoom too - lunch dates with friends, checking in on neighbors, etc. It is FREE!

GPS Parent FAQ - Have Questions? Many may already be answered - click below

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please stay tuned as we finalize decisions around what we will do to distribute report cards and hold potential conferences.

Is your child under the weather?

If your child has a reported illness, fever, or other symptoms, please email Nurse Pat so we can keep track just like we would when we are in school: Patricia_Bleuher@greenwich.k12.ct.us

Additional Resources (if you are interested)

Scholastic Learn at Home: This has great articles, activities, and more for ages Pre-K through 9th grade: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

Great YouTube Resources

  • Liberty's Kids: A fun-filled and age-appropriate cartoon that first aired on PBS decades ago. This is a fantastic narrative account of the American Revolution, spread over 40 episodes, 23 minutes each.

  • Mark Rober, former NASA engineer: With over 10 million subscribers, Rober comes up with super fun and engaging ways to explore science concepts and engineering challenges. A good place to start is his “learn some science” playlist, currently at 26 videos, 10 to 15 minutes each.

  • Extra Credits Extra History: Boasting over 200 videos, this channel offers history lessons complete with compelling narration and cute animations. Each episode is around 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy: An oldie but a goodie—Nye's channel offers 48 full-length, 23-minute videos, covering virtually every major topic in the science curriculum.

  • Crash Course: This channel offers a huge library of videos across most major disciplines, including playlists of 48 videos on U.S. history, 72 on world history, and 50 on U.S. government and politics. Each episode is generally 10 to 15 minutes long and features John Green talking about the subject, mixed in with some humor and animations.

Looking for stuff do you with your Pre-K student? Check out Fordham Institute’s 32 Resources to Entertain Preschoolers!

Cincinnati Zoo: Log onto this Facebook page every day at 3pm to see different animal presentations. This is a great conversation starter for families: What did you learn? Create family videos about what you learned - post them to dojo or send to your teacher.