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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

This week's tidbits are all about you! Things you can use to take care of you and make your life easier. Some are web tools and websites, others are Apps for your tablet or phone. Enjoy!!!

All About Apps...

In this section will be some apps for your phone or tablet. All are available on the I Tunes App Store or Google Play. I have given the websites for each but finding these are as easy as going to the App Store or Google Play and typing in the name of the App.

Waze A community based traffic and navigation app. Hate being stuck in traffic? Waze is for you! It will navigate you to find the quickest route to your destination and give you an accurate time of arrival. You can share your route and arrival with other waze users... and what other traffic app can let you be a ninja!?

Hi Future Self (called Dear Future Self on Google Play) Ever find yourself asking someone to text you to remind you? Do you text yourself important reminders (guilty!) This app lets you set up alerts and reminders to yourself as well as others. is a to do list on steroids. You can sync your to do list between all your devices, phone, computer and tablet. Upload files that you need to get your task done. Turn big projects into multiple smaller tasks to tackle. Share and delegate your lists with others.

Pocket Ever read something online but later forget where you read it or saw it? With Pocket you can save the site, article, or video to view later. Pocket will even categorize sites for viewing. Once you save these items, you don't even need to be online to read them! I love this for a trip on the plane. I can add things to pocket and read it when I am flying and there is no wifi.

Weather Underground Provides reliable and indepth weather data for locations around the world. It uses neighborhood weather stations to gather its weather data. I love it for the way it looks! The app is colorful, easy to read and gives air quality and hours of day and night in neat little graphs.

Untappd Ready for a beverage? Expand your knowledge of beers and explore new ones. Share what you are drinking with friends and earn badges for your beverages. Not sure where to get your favorite brew? Untappd can direct you to local bars and share what they have on tap.

Drync Beer not your thing? Drync lets you explore the world of wine. Find wines that are popular, those under $20, and what your friends and others find tasty.

Web Tools and Websites....

Apps are great but hopefully you are not connected to your phone or 24/7. This section shares great sites that you can find on that expansive, never ending world of the Internet.

Woot! A fun shopping site offering daily deals. Want something related to electronics, computers, home, tools and garden, sports, accessories and watches, or wine? Then you can find it on Woot! Has great deals!! I got a Weber grill on Woot for less than half price!!

Love getting mail... but not bills!? My Subscription Addiction shares all the monthly boxes that you can sign up for and have them mailed to you. BirchBox and Stichfix are not alone. There are now boxes for your pets, kids and for those that love socks!

Book Bub Readers Unite! Book Bub recommends e books for cheap or even free! You can also search the expansive library of free and cheap e books. Just in time for summer!

Bembu Want to live a healthy lifestyle without spending a week at a yoga camp? Bembu offers articles on healthy living, detox, and much more.

Love Ikea? Love Cats? Love Both? Even if you don't this is kinda funny.