Dr. Lowe's Virtual School Update

For the Week of 5/15/2020

Happy Summer Video Message from Dr. Lowe

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Summer Updates

Team Blue,

With the unique way our year has ended, know that POPCS will continue to communicate with you via email about updates on happenings on campus this summer. As we await more direction from Governor Abbott this Tuesday, May 18th, we will send information about the following:

  • Summer in the Zone
  • Summer Camps
  • Summer school options (i.e. Speech Communications)
  • Graduation
  • Athletics
  • Weight Training
  • And much, much more!

Please contact Ms. Roberts should you have any questions and she will redirect your call to get you the answers you need.



Though we wish that to end the school year we could visit with each student and hug them all, we will have to look forward to the day when that can safely happen. Next Wednesday, May 20th, we will be providing the following times for you to pick up your student’s personal belongings. We will offer curbside pickup only; no parents or students may enter the school building at this time. Ms. Roberts and Mrs. Bitting have packed all students’ supplies and belongings, and we will have them bagged for you. Please arrive within the time window for your student’s last name. Drive east through the main school gate and pull forward as you do for morning drop off, specifically Upper School pickup will be located on the left side of the driveway.

Wednesday, May 20th

9:00-9:30am Last names A-D

9:30-10:00 am E-I

10:00-10:30am J-M

10:30-11:00 am N-R

11:00-11:30am S-Z

11:30-12pm Extra time for anyone who couldn't make it earlier

Parent/Guardian TO DO List:

Check the alphabetical list and arrange to arrive to the school within your designated time. If you are unable to pick up during your designated time, please contact Ms. Michele Roberts (michele.roberts.popcs.org) to arrange an alternate pick up time. Please note the schedule above - you may come through the line from 11:30am-12pm if the earlier time doesn't fit your schedule.

Write student(s) first/last name clearly on a piece of paper to display from mirror or on dash. Please write the first and last name of each student in your family. Also, if you have a younger student and a student in Upper School, the Upper School items will go to the younger student line.

Place any items to return to school (technology, textbooks, library books, band instruments etc) in a plastic bag in your trunk.

Leave room in your trunk for student items to be returned. We will not be able to place items in the back or front seat.

When you arrive on campus at your designated time:

  • Stay in your car with windows up.
  • Watch for staff member directing traffic and please follow directions. We appreciate your patience in the process!
  • Ensure your student (s) name sign is visible.
  • Follow staff directions for opening trunk to receive items. A staff member will place pre-bagged personal items from desks, lockers, cubbies, etc in the trunk of vehicle.
  • Follow directions to stop at the nurse’s station to retrieve medication if needed.
  • Follow staff directions to exit out the back of campus.
  • We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to provide as safe of a pick up environment as possible. Please watch emails for reminders and updates - additional instructions are to follow.

Thank you in advance for your help.

From Mrs. Weiss - Color Run

For students who requested them, Color Run Packets are already included in each student’s belongings from their locker. We are inviting your families to have your own walk or run, if you are able to do so safely. Then, have a countdown and a color throw as a family to help us celebrate the end of the school year. Please share any videos or pictures with Student Council by emailing them to our advisor Mrs. Weiss at Rebecca.Weiss@popcs.org.


Color Run 2020

Yearbook Corner - Ms. Lawson

Good afternoon!

The yearbook team needs your help to capture this unique time of social distancing and virtual learning. Please send photos of any or all of following to photos@popcs.org:

  • Virtual learning from home
  • How you’re enjoying time with family at home
  • What does your “new school uniform” look like? If you’re learning in sweats or pjs, send us a pic!

When you send photos, make sure to send large/full quality images. Also, tell us who is in the photo and what they are doing!

Please fill out this survey for us: https://forms.gle/r44ZD8eY2psZ3vnx6

Thanks so much for your help in making the yearbook great!

Also, if you have cameras at home, please drop them off Wednesday and Dr. Lowe will place them in the Yearbook classroom with your name on them. Thank you!

Stay healthy,

Ms. Lawson

Counselor's Corner - Mrs. Dwyer and Mr. Prindiville

Good Afternoon Eagles!!!

Well, here we are, we made it!!! We hope the last edition of the 2019 - 2020 Eagle Counseling Newsletter: A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance both brings you some insight as well as encouragement as we close out the year and process the last quarter. We have included several resources in this edition, and pray that they are useful for you and your family during this time in the world's history and our own.

As always, we are a quick email away, and are here for you and your family's needs! As we dip our toes into the first moments of summer, we hope that you are able to take a deep breath, enjoy some down time with your family, and take stock of all of the changes and growth that we have all seen over the last nine weeks. Know that we are covering you and your students in prayer for health, safety, and quality time together. And until then, we cannot wait for the moment we are all back together, celebrating the fact that we are all in this together, as one big family. GO EAGLES!!!

Eagle Counseling Newsletter Issue 12: A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance... https://www.popcscounseling.org/all-issues/issue-12-a-time-to-mourn-a-time-to-dance

Eagle Counseling Newsletter Home Page: https://www.popcscounseling.org

Hi Eagles!!!

I pray that y’all are doing well and staying healthy and safe as we wrap up our last week of school! This week’s episode of SURVIVING2THRIVING is all about learning how to use control for good, and reframe the things that feel out of control. I hope it encourages and reminds you and yours to stay strong in the last days of school. As always, if you have questions or would like to talk, please email me @ gary.prindiville@popcs.org, or sign up for a time to talk at calendly.com/mrprindiville

Kitchen Table Talks: Pruning

In certain seasons of life, we face a lot of pruning - cutting back what you don’t need and what you can’t use anymore so that new growth can happen. Take heart! God doesn't prune for nothing. He always uses it for good. I hope this short video sparks some good conversations around your own kitchen tables.

Prince of Peace Christian School

Should you have any questions during this extended school closure, please send all email to highschool@popcs.org or call 972-598-1071 to leave a message. We will make every effort to return your message within 24 hours.