Ancient Greek city-state

Sparta's military

Ancient Sparta's military was the biggest military in ancient Greece made up of all men. When you where seven you were sent to the barracks with all the other boys your age to get used to one another. By the time you are twelve you have to go out and get your own palm reeds to make a bed out of. In ancient Sparta you stay in the barracks in till you are thirty learning commands and how to use different types of weapons. Once you are thirty you can go back to your home and family but you are still in the military. Finally once your are sixty you can retire.

Women in Sparta

Women in ancient Sparta had a lot more rights than women in athens or troy because all men went to the military women where left to take care of the house and run businesses . In Ancient Sparta women where able to by and sell property and run businesses. Even though women run bissnuses and by and sell property only men can be citezens.

Sparta's Oligarchy goverment

Ancient Sparta had a oligachy goverment this ment that only a few people ran the goverment they had two kings that approved all the laws. Then there was a 28 member group called the council of elders made up of citezens 60 or older that made up different laws. It was important Sparta had an oligarchy goverment so that there wasn't to many different ideas if there where to many ideas people would start fighting over who was right so it's important Sparta had an oligarchy goverment.

The begining of Sparta

After Sparta was settled instead of expanding the economy Sparta focused on capturing surrounding city-states. Because Sparta did this they captured a lot of people as slaves or helots. Because of so many helots Sparta feared they would rebel. This is why Sparta focused on military so much. But after 250 years the helots rebelled and took over Sparta.

Who settled Sparta?

Sparta was settled by the Dorians during the dark ages and started the well known ancient Greek city-state Sparta.