Colonial New Jersey

How New Jersey was in the 1600's

We are the best!

Here is how we started:

The English came here in 1664 for resources, trading, and then decided to give the land to the Duke of York as a present!

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New Jersey


I am Lord Berkeley and I love New Jersey. Its got mild winters and mild summers. Its got religious freedom and lots of Catholics and Protestants live here. We want You to come to New jersey.

New Jersey, New Recruits

Friday, Dec. 5th 1664 at 6:30am

Trenton City Hall, Trenton, NJ, United States

Come to New Jersey and start a New Nation™.

Mens' Jobs

If you want to come to New Jersey, you have got to work. But good thing, we have jobs galore. Here Are are some things you can do to gain money and pass the time.

Womens' Jobs

While your husband works hard, you can tend the house. Here is what women do.


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In New Jersey we've got lots of grain. Wheat , oats, rye, we have got it all. If you like bread, then you will like New Jersey.

We hope you want to come to New Jersey!

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