SLCHS Good News

April 2016

Awards after Last School Mass; Seniors Get Caps & Gowns

Class News

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Students competed at state rally on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge on April 16.


  • Algebra II – 4th place Jack Clement
  • Calculus – 4 th place Austin Crawford
  • English IV – 4th place Leah Sims
  • Environmental Science – 3rd place Alexandra Ellis
  • U.S. History – 2nd place Sam Bruchhaus
  • French III Interpretive Reading – Good Andie Ottenweller
  • French IV Interpretive Reading – Excellent Amanda Husein
  • French III Extemp Speaking – Excellent Hunter Dore
  • Spanish II Interpretive Reading – Excellent Cara Hanks
  • Spanish IV Interpretive Reading – Superior Ruby DeRouen
  • Spanish II Extemp – Good Travis Hinton
  • Spanish IV Extemp – Excellent Ameera Kattash
  • Speech Interpretive Reading – Superior Kyle Guidry
  • Speech Original Oratory – Superior Timothy Curol

I would like to thank the Parent Guild for purchasing the shirts for rally students and to Mrs. Richard and Key Club for providing goody bags.

by Mrs. Core

Superior Ratings at LSU Rally in Speech

St. Louis sent two students to LSU Rally in speech events and two students returned home with SUPERIOR ratings! Congratulations to Timothy Curol and Kyle Guidry for their fine representation of our school on the state level. Equally pleasing is the acknowledgement and use of the Godly gifts both given to and shared with us by these two young men. Timothy wrote an original oratory on the cinema making such astute correlations to cinema as an art form, in that it “works towards what all art has for millennia . . . One merely has to listen to Sophocles’ tale of Oedipus, a tale of flawed humanity and broken relationships, to understand the universality of arts.” Kyle interpreted a screenplay by Phil Alden Robinson entitled Field of Dream dramatically mimicking the voice of James Earl Jones reenacting in his resonating tone a fine representation of the movie. Stellar stuff! They both starred in the SLC Players production of Once Upon a Mattress. Keep your eyes on the prize, boys, because the future is bright!

by Mrs. Barbara Dupont

Mrs. Shumaker's calculus class creates slope fields.

SLC Latin Classes Competed in the 2016 National Latin Exam

The students in our Latin II, III, and IV classes competed in the 2016 National Latin Exam in March. Our students joined over 154,000 students from all fifty states, as well as 19 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

Each student who participated in the exam will be acknowledged during our awards ceremonies for their participation in the National Latin Exam. I would also like to acknowledge two students whose scores earned special recognition in their category:

Latin II:

William Upshaw (10th grade) Certificate of Honorable Merit: Cum Laude

Latin III:

Matthew LeJeune (12th grade) Certificate of Honorable Merit: Magna Cum Laude

These students will receive an additional certificate for their outstanding performance on the 2016 National Latin Exam. This was the first year SLCHS Latin students participated in the exam, and our school was represented well by our students. Congratulations to all of the participants!

Mary Villaume

Latin II, III, IV Teacher

Special Guests Visit Transitions

Eloise Hunter Huber, author of The Goose with the Golden Legs, and Mr. Robbie Austin, illustrator, joined our SLC Transitions Class in a lively reading of their precious book!

"Let's Go Fly a Kite" with Geometry!

The students used their Geometry skills to plan, research, construct, and fly kites. They were able to use formulas to find the area, perimeter, and different angles within the kite.

by Ms. Taylor Harlow

Latin 1 Books

Latin 1 students reading books they wrote and illustrated in the target language during class.

by Ms. Katie Smith

Zoo Field Trip

Literature Lives during the Renaissance.

Seniors 2016 gathered to bring the Renaissance to life during their celebration of Literature Lives! Not only did they dress as Shakespearean characters previously studied, they prepared recipes from the time period and dined using the previously studied etiquette and table settings of the Renaissance. Included were baked peacock, pea porridge and everything in between. They truly shined!

by Mrs. Barbara Dupont

Senior Affirmation Bags

As a final activity for the year, the senior class of 2016, was given the opportunity in their Theology classes to affirm one another with a classroom project called the “Affirmation Bags." It actually began at the start of their senior year, when each student wrote their own name in a distinctive way for display in Mrs. Owen’s classroom. Throughout the year, their names were on the wall surrounded by three different images of Christ. At the end of April the names were taken down and stapled to brown bags which became their Affirmation Bag. During the last week of April, each senior had the opportunity to write a kind note to any of their classmates expressing things such as: admiration, thanksgiving of friendship, or simply their goodbyes to each other. It served as a concrete way to acknowledge the memories made in high school. On the very last day of class, before finals, they took down their bag to read the notes inside.

by Mrs. Kathy Owen

The Great Catapult in Physics Honors

Physics Honors closed out the year with a final project (The Great Catapult) and a unit on Work, Energy, and Power. For the catapult project, the objective was to build a catapult out of house hold materials that will launch a tennis ball 10 meters. Check out the video for the "farthest launch" competition! For the unit on Work, Energy, and Power, the students participated in a Strongman Competition. Students did pushups and curls, ran up a flight of stairs, and drug a 40 pound backpack. The objective was to perform the activity and calculate their power output using the force, distance, and time values. It's been a fun year for Physics Honors!

by Mrs. Rebecca Manns

Physics Honors: Work, Energy, & Power

Food Services & Art I

Logan Guillory presented with the 2016 Sons of Confederate Veterans James W. Bryan Camp 1390 History medal.

The Captain James W Bryan Camp 1390 Award is given to an American History student who best meets the Criteria for the award: Patriotism, Honor, Service and Preservation of Southern Heritage.

Motto: “Heritage, not hate”

Captain Bryan was born in Calcasieu Parish, La. in 1834. He commanded Company I (Calcasieu Tigers), 28th (29th) Louisiana Infantry and fought in the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, Miss. and in the Siege of Vicksburg, Miss. After the war, Captain Bryan was the first mayor of Lake Charles, La. and the longtime editor of the Lake Charles Echo newspaper. He and other civic leaders founded the first Children’s Orphanage in Lake Charles. He died in 1897.

by Mrs. Monica Kirkendall

Chemistry Clue

Junior chemistry students completed a mystery murder lab that required them to use multiple chapters of chemistry knowledge to determine "Who Killed Miss Scarlet"?!?!?! I am pleased to say the murderer was caught and brought to justice because of their efforts!!

by Ms. Christian Abshire

Let's Move!

Mr. Austin's Fine Arts Survey class got their annual "movement" lesson under the supervision of Lady Holly Kaough. The students, and a few teachers, were instructed in Pilates and dance. Many leave limber...most awake sore!

by Mr. Robbie Austin

picture credit: Ms. dee


Students from Mrs. Kirkendall’s American history classes attempt to hula hoop after studying a unit about political and cultural events from the 1950s. The American hula hoop craze is said to have been adopted from Australia in the late 1940s. The hula hoop was the most popular toy of the decade and originally cost $1.98 and over 100 million were sold between 1958-1959.

by Mrs. Monica Kirkendall

Fine Arts Night 2016

Fine Arts Night gets bigger and better every year. Pops and Rockets was on the spot to cool down the heat from the amazing band, color guard and choir performances, not to mention the nose flutes bringing down the house. The art displayed was only a slice of the work created throughout the year. Luckily for parents and friends, all work is saved to the St. Louis Gallery on Artsonia- take a look!

by Mrs. Stephanie Robertson

Electric Field Hockey in AP Physics

AP Physics finished their last chapter on Electricity before the AP exam. We played "Electric Field Hockey", an online simulation that uses the properties of protons and electrons to direct the path of the negatively charged puck to make a goal. Check out Isaiah Roy's goal video! Students also had the opportunity to work hands-on with circuits. They performed a lab on Series and Parallel circuits to discover how the voltage and current differs in each type of connection.

by Mrs. Rebecca Manns

Seniors in Advanced Math Soar to New Heights!

Seniors in Advanced Math performed an activity to indirectly measure the height of various objects in the Commons. Students first made a clinometer, an object that is used to measure angles of elevation and depression. Afterwards, they took these devices along with meter sticks into the Commons to collect data. They then used their knowledge of trigonometry to calculate the heights of the objects they were measuring.

by Mrs. Rebecca Manns

Extra-Curricular News


April 3-5, 2016


  • With over 1,900 competitors across the State.
  • 25 Saint Louis competitors, Placing in the State Top Ten a total of 13 individual winners in 12 events, 1 Overall Winner, 2 QUALIFYING FOR NATIONALS!!!

  • Computer Applications: Freddie Dempsey, Seventh Place
  • Computer Problem Solving: Frederick Dempsey, Second Place
  • Electronic Career Portfolio: D’Audra Metoyer, Fifth Place
  • Impromptu Speaking: Lucy Ryder, Sixth Place
  • Introduction to Business: Joseph Tassin, Tenth Place
  • Introduction to Business Communication: Cara Hanks, First Place; Elise Bourque, Eighth Place
  • Introduction to Business Procedures: Max Dempsey, Fifth Place
  • Marketing: Drew Alley, Evan Dore, and Joseph Tassin, Ninth Place
  • Public Speaking II: D’Audra Metoyer, Sixth Place
  • Sports and Entertainment Management: Tamara Palms, Benji Chatters, and Lauryn Sweet, Fifth Place
  • Word Processing: Kassem Abu-shamat, Ninth Place


by Mrs. Ashley Lavine

2016 District 4-3A, Softball

1st Team

  • Pitcher: Hannah Derouen
  • 3B: Da’Sha Pitre
  • Utility: Ellen Briley

2nd Team

  • Pitcher: Tamara Palms
  • Utility: Shelby Wood
  • Outfield: Bailey Dubus

Honorable Mention

  • Katelyn Courville
  • Alexandria Goodly

by Coach Wren

picture credit: Liz Mueller

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St. Louis Sophomore Robert Christman won 1st Place at the state tournament held in Baton Rouge for the USA Wrestling season. His wrestling division was 10th grade, 145 pounds in which he was undefeated for the season. Robert went on to represent Louisiana in Nationals finishing 9th overall.

Newk's Eatery Grand Opening Includes the Spirit of SLCHS

The SLCHS band provided music for the ribbon cutting ceremony at Newks Eatery, one of the newest eating places in Lake Charles, located across from the Prien Lake Mall. A big thank you for their generous $500 donation to the band. The check was given to them after they performed and was a very pleasant surprise!!

by Mrs. Ann Vincent

Special Olympics

The SLC Helping Hands Club had a great day cheering on our awesome athletes and alumni at the Spring Special Olympics Track and Field Day! Go Saints!

Helping Hands Club

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Prom Court 2016

The senior class voted and chose their four favorite boys and four favorite girls to represent the 2016 SLC Prom Court. Senior Maids are Sophia Baggett, Gabrielle Saucier, and Rhea Thompson. Senior Dukes are Austin Crawford, Dawson Falgoust, and Eamon Leonard. The 2016 St. Louis Prom King and Queen are Mr. Connor Cutrera and Ms. Christian Bernard.

by Mrs. Rebecca Manns

picture credit: SLCHS Yearbook

Athletes Sign with Colleges

  • PJ Hardy signs with University of Louisiana-Layayette to play basketball on the collegiate level.
  • Jacobo Santacoloma signs his National Letter of Intent to play golf at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.
  • Rhea Thompson signs a letter of intent to LA Tech University to receive a track scholarship.


Save the Dates - SLCHS Summer Sports Youth Camps

Monday, June 6th, 9am to Thursday, June 30th, 12pm

1620 Bank Street

Lake Charles, LA

Camps will be at various dates & times during the month of June. For up-to-date information regarding summer camps (including registration forms), visit the SLCHS website under Latest News. Click HERE for a direct link.

SLC Uniform Store

Hey SLC family, do you have any SLC uniform pieces that you will not need for next year? The Transitions Class will gladly accept your donations! We wash, button, zip, fold, and sort as part of our life skills lessons. Then we sell them back to students as part of our vocational skills lessons!

Are you looking for uniform pieces for next year? The Transitions students will be happy to show you our store and ring up your purchases! We have great prices, too! Thanks for helping us grow in our learning!

by: Transitions Class


On Friday, April 8, 2016 our first 7th & 8th grade feeder school dance took place in the Commons. Over 200 kids showed up from OLQH, ICCS, St. Margaret's, Holy Family, EDS and Our Lady's School in Sulphur. They were greeted by happy parent guild volunteers and enjoyed music by Avid Productions who did a fine job and are also known as Adam & Alec Verrett.

The students did more than dance. They enjoyed snacks, entered their names for door prizes, played board games, cards and visited with good friends they do not see often enough. They noticed the photos of our St. Louis Award winning graduates and realized they knew many of them as their current teachers, neighbors and a few parents! You should have heard some of those comments amidst the laughter! They commented on the things we take for granted because we see them everyday, like the large crucifix, the beautiful St. Louis statue and the cool 'well' area. Below are a few photos that depict the evening, but you really had to be there to hear the chuckles, laughs, comments and see the dance moves, to fully appreciate the great night that was had by all! THANK YOU to all who volunteered to help with this event, especially Parent Guild and the faculty who pulled double duty on a Friday!! You are appreciated!!

by Mrs. Ann Vincent

Thank You Notes


A big thank you to Mrs. Ginger Johnson and our friendly Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market for their donation of chips and water for our Middle School Dance. We appreciate their support of our school events!

by Mrs. Ann Vincent