Winslow's Weekly Update

What's Happening in Room B-4


WOW...we are so good at making connections when we read! We can make text to self, text to text and text to world connections. We are also working on cause and effect in our reading. This week the phonics focus will be the vowel variant /o/ in words. (salt, talk, all, caught, strong, straw...)

During our Daily 5 time your child may choose to Read To Self. During this time they have a basket of books that are at their reading level. I told the kids that if they have a book or two from home that they want to bring for their book baskets, they could keep them here for a bit and then bring them back home. This is not required...just an option. It can be a fiction or non-fiction book, a chapter book (at their level) or any other book they are interested in reading.


We are working on categories in math. We try to solve problems with some known and unknown parts. We use what we have learned to solve the problems. We will work on adding 3 numbers together to find a total. (ex: 5+5+7=17)

I Love You Stinky Face

We had so much fun at the play this week! We read the book before we went so we were familiar with the story. We used our comparing/contrasting skills to talk about the play and the book. We thought the songs were fun and especially liked seeing the story come to life!
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Important News

***We will have our last Junior Achievement lesson with Mr. Jim this week.

***It is flip-flop and sandal weather...however these type of shoes can be dangerous out on the playground. If possible, pack your child's tennis shoes also so they can be safe at recess.

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