Ekstrand Elementary


Ekstrand Parents,

I have included additional information below pertaining to the framework of the hybrid schedule, as well as other changes to be prepared for when we start school on Monday August 24th. There will be additional information that will be added to this newsletter tomorrow. All new information will be dated and time stamped for when it gets added. Over the course of the next couple of days please refer back to this link in your email to see the latest information and updates.

-Mr. Miller

Ekstrand Building Principal

Miller Monthly Memo

August Welcome Video

Mr. Miller's Contact Information

E-mail: mike.miller@cd-csd.org

Office Phone: 563-659-0750


Morning Arrival at Ekstrand

2020 Ekstrand Arrival

Arrival @ Ekstrand 7:50 am - 8:00 a.m.

All car riders will still get dropped off around the circle drive and walk to their designated entrances. We will have staff to help direct students. (updated - 8/20 - 7:45 p.m.)
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Ekstrand Unpack Your Backpack

Just a reminder that our annual Unpack Your Backpack Night is cancelled for this upcoming year. Your child's teacher will be or already has been in communication with you in preparation for the start of school.

Ekstrand Hybrid learning details

Placement for which group your child(ren) were assigned to was sent out to all families last Thursday. If you didn't receive this email please contact our office and they will let you know what group your child is in. Below is the outline for the first two weeks of school for when Group A and Group B will be reporting to school during our hybrid model. Group B will not be receiving any work from their teacher prior to their first day on Thursday August 27th. Group A will have their iPads sent home on Wednesday to begin their remote learning activities on Thursday and Friday. Group B will be sent home with their iPads on Friday 8/28 to begin their remote learning activities on Monday and Tuesday. All remote learning activities will be independent work related to the content they had received during their face to face instruction. It will be a requirement for all students to complete that work prior to their return to face to face instruction. Seesaw will again be the platform our teachers will use to assign work to students and for students to submit their completed work. Work sent out via Seesaw for the first couple of weeks will be related to students and families being able to navigate the various tools within the platform such as how to receive content and submit work.
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Virtual learning

For families choosing for the virtual learning option please watch the video below. It provides a brief overview of what to expect over the next three weeks. More information will be coming out regarding the family chosen virtual option for Ekstrand families next week. (updated 8/21 4:13 p.m.)
Virtual Learning Video

Changes at Ekstrand this fall

  • Water fountains have been turned off. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles that can be filled at the water filling stations
  • We will not be allowing visitors into our buildings. For example, no WatchDOGS program or lunch buddies.
  • If you need to drop something off please call the office and they will have you drop it off in the entryway
  • Masks will be required in the school building and grounds for staff and students. The Clinton County Mask Task Force has donated 2 mask per student and staff member at Ekstrand. These will be provided to your child their first day of school. Please have a plan for your child to have a mask on while on the bus and prior to entering the school building each day.
  • Assigned doors for grade levels between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m.

  • Preschool Door #4

  • Jumpstart:

-Mrs. Kuehl side door #12
  • Kindergarten

-Parent drop off Door #4

-Bus Drop off Door #9

  • 1st Grade

-Parent drop off Door #2

-Bus Drop off #10

  • 2nd Grade

- Door #11 (both parent & bus drop off)
  • 3rd Grade

-Door #14 (both parent & bus drop off)

student attendance and transportation

Calling in your child sick

If your son/daughter is sick and unable to be at school, please call the office before 8:15 a.m. to notify our staff. If you call in your child during non school hours please provide the following information relating to their illness...

  • Symptoms specific to the illness
  • Working phone number for our secretaries to follow-up on

Transportation Changes

If there is a change in your child's regular transportation, please call the Ekstrand Office as soon as possible, but definitely before 2:30 p.m. so that we have time to relay that message. Please do you best in scheduling appointments outside of the school day hours. I know as a parent myself this can be difficult, however if we can work together to minimize the amount of days and times students are out of school the more likely the students will benefit from classroom instruction. Thanks for your assistance and understanding with this.

School Supply Kits

For families who had ordered a school supply kit through the school these will be distributed to students in their classrooms on the first day of school.

For those families bringing school supplies from home please plan on sending those in your child's backpack the first day they are to report to school. If not all items fit in the backpack please feel free to bring them over the course of a couple of days.

Masks Expectations & Guidelines

  • Teachers will work with students and families in communicating the proper transitioning of masks to and from school. We will encourage families to establish a regular washing routine for their child’s mask as well as having mask rotations for the days students are in attendance at school

  • We will encourage families to have their child have multiple masks available in their backpack or left at school to change out if necessary

  • Brown paper bags will be available for temporary storage of a child’s mask in the classroom

  • Students will be expected to wear mask on buses, on school grounds, and at all times throughout the building with the exception of while eating lunch.

  • ‘Mask breaks’ will be scheduled to occur when a class is outside and or six feet of social distancing can be guaranteed.

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