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Tigers are leaving!

They need help!

Tigers are going more endangered every day. People keep hunting them for there fur and to just study them. Tigers need help, all of the tigers are getting hunted it's almost rare to have some kinds in a zoo. All of the China Korea jungles have the most tigers.

How to help them

It's pretty easy to help tigers and it's fun. There are lots of things you can do for them. One of the things you can do is donate money to zoos then, they take that money and feed and then update the tiger's cage so they can breed the animals. Also, there is a online game called "Animal Jam" the game has an optional payable membership, when someone pays for the membership the money goes to endangered animals. Also, in Animal Jam you can donate what they call "gems" to Animal Jam they take those and help endangered animals. Hopefully lots more people help the tigers.

Allison's Animal News

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