Out of My Mind By: Sharon Draper

Presented By Josie Aguilar


The book Out of My Mind takes place in Southwest Ohio in 2011 through 2012. The placed the scenes take place are Melody's home, Mrs. V's home ( close to family baby sitter ), Spaulding Street Elementary school, an airport, and a quiz team competition.

This is a picture of Mrs. V's house, as described in the book.

The Main Character

The main character in the book Out of My Mind is a 11 year old girl named Melody. Melody has a disability called Cerebral Palsey, which prevents her talking and moving her body. Although it seems like Melody might be at lost she isn't, for she has Photographic memory. But having everything in her head and not having others know about the movies she has in her head of all the memories she has, is making her go out of her mind.


The main conflict in this book is Melody trying to communicate with others. Being unable to talk is one thing, but she is often looked down by others because of her disability, which leaves people thinking that she is dumb. But Melody is one of the smartest kids at her school. So she has trouble explaining what she wants, needs, and how she is feeling.

A rising Action

Melody has been waiting for the medi talker ever sinse she was little. The medi talker is a computer that's designed for people like Melody who cant talk. The medi talker allows Melody to type what she wants to say and the medi talker speaks those typed words. When Melody comes home school and boosted the medi talker she then was able to talk and for the very first time in her life, she was able to tell her parents she loved them.

This a picture is a medi talker.

Another Rising Action

Melody and her classmates take a prequiz to enter a national competition of 5th and 6th graders to compete against others nationally to see which state has the smartest kids. Melody is over joyed to find out that she made a 100% on her quiz, but the others not so much. Many of them are shocked an believed that she cheated to get her way there. The students then take the official quiz and the results were that Melody made it on the national team, and couldn't wait for the competitions.

This is a picture of the National Championship name.


In the end, Melody is still different from everybody. So evening though she can now talk to others, communicating is still difficult for not everyone sees her for her. Melody's life is like a puzzle, but she doesn't have the box with the picture on it to help her. She's making a puzzle and is not sure if she has all the pieces to build it.

This is a picture of the National Championship name.