GCSL Spring 2016 Newsletter

Wonderful things happening at a library near you!

Thank You Retirees!

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Hillcrest Middle

Susan Dicey: Summer seminar

Susan Dicey was accepted into the Gilder Lehrman Institute at Columbia University in New York City this summer. The week long seminar is titled, Empire City: New York from 1877 to 2001.

Greer High

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LeAnn Kiser: Book Club

The Greer High Book Jacket Book Club meets twice a month during all three lunches. Students had to read a minimum of three SC Young Adult Book Award (YABA) books and attend 3 meetings to participate in the field trip on 2.1.2016 to see the movie, The Fifth Wave, one of the SC YABA book nominees.

...IE Scholar

75% of all Greer High English teachers had their students complete research projects using IE Scholar to create their works cited, notecards, and outline. Teachers used the analytics tab online to monitor their students’ work in IE Scholar. Students used the Google Docs Add-on to insert their IE Scholar outline, notes, and works cited into a google document. Students shared their first draft and final paper with their English teachers using Google Classroom.

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...and Orientation

Freshmen students use their "QR" readers from their electronic devices to find information during a Media Center scavenger hunt. Students learned information about the library's resources during the lesson.

Gateway Elementary

Amanda Jackson: Career Research

Our guidance counselor, computer lab teacher and I collaborated on a research project for our 5th graders. The students completed a career inventory, chose one career that they were interested in learning more about, and researched that career. Then they created an iMovie on an iPad to share what they had learned. The project took several months to complete but was a fun and educational experience.

Beck Academy

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Holly Hughes: Furniture and Art

Beck's library experienced a little facelift this year! We have some cute new stools (Klog), comfy chairs, moveable end tables, and a beautiful rug (Walmart) for the reading area. We also have 3 new Chromebases: one for signing in and two for searching the catalog.
We also participated in a collaborative project with the Art Club resulting in nine beautiful canvases to go above the shelves. They feature famous quotes selected and illustrated by students. (Author names will be visible once they're permanently hung this summer.)

Taylors Elementary

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Sally Nuss: Wax Museum and Author Visit

Taylors Topcats researched historical figures by reading biographies, working on DISCUS and found information in their textbooks about these characters they had been studying in social studies and in library classes. Students became wax museum characters in the library media center. Parents and other classes came to hear them speak. We were very warm with all of the visitors, but we had so much fun and learned so much!

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Greenville author, Jeff Lefko, visited, talked about being an author, and read his books to 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade students. His two granddaughters attend Taylors Elementary. Two of his books are Morrie and Dorothy and Solomon Squirrel’s Amazing Washington, D.C. Adventure. Our fifth grade students researched monuments, memorials, historic places, and museums in Washington, D.C. and they will be going to Washington, D.C. this week.

West Greenville

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Deanna Klump: Wobble Chairs

West Greenville School Library received classroom support from DonorsChoose.org for "Wiggle Room While Reading." Two wobble chairs were purchased to allow students movement while reading and working on activities in the library. Instead of rocking chairs, they can wiggle and everyone stays more focused as we work to improve our literacy skills.

Augusta Circle Elementary

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Eileen Conway:

Every year I challenge the Augusta Circle second graders to learn all fifty states and their capitals. Those students that survive three rounds win a Top Banana Trophy. It is pretty amazing how many students earn that trophy every year!

Mauldin High

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Diane Morris: Blackout Poetry

Mauldin High celebrated National Poetry Month with a Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 21st and a Blackout Poetry contest. On Poem in Your Pocket Day, students "caught" with a poem in their pocket by a teacher were given a ticket for a treat from the Media Center. I created a Poem in Your Pocket display in the media center with poems that students could pick up.
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Over 185 students submitted blackout poems. English teachers encouraged their students to participate and our Drama teacher selected four winners. The winners received an adult coloring book (thanks to Books are Fun!) and a box of colored pencils.

Greenville High

Janet Allen: Open Mic Night

For National Poetry Month, the Greenville High school library hosted Moody Black, nationally known poet and spoken word artist. He performed several of his original poems, songs, and raps. When he is not traveling, Moody can be heard hosting Wit's End Poetry during Coffee Underground's open mic night on Sunday nights at 7:00.

The Greenville High School media center also hosted their own open mic event. Moody Black returned to listen to Greenville High students and, in his own words, get some inspiration. We plan to make his guest appearance and open mic events a tradition a Greenville High School during poetry month.

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Lakeview Middle

Lindsay McCutcheon: New stuff!

Lakeview Middle School Library purchased two pieces of furniture to create awesome collaborative learning stations. They have been a huge hit with the students and have showcased learning in many different styles. We now have a teaming table where one computer screen can be shown on the larger LCD screen to a small group. This is perfect for group computer projects. We also have a dry erase station that allows the students the ability to work together while sketching ideas or work on the table. They can also use technology with the charging stations. Big thanks to Bretford Furniture and Pinnacle Solutions for helping us come up with the perfect learning stations for the needs of our library.
LMS-New collaboration table in action with students and Furman Tutor

Dry Erase Table

Here the students are utilizing the dry erase station to work on a collaborative science project. Above is a video of our students from a math class working with a Furman Tutor. When we asked Elizabeth Garcia, Furman Tutor and Wade Hampton High graduate, about the difference from using the little square dry erase board to using the table she said, “

The board table has been a very helpful and practical learning tool for the girls. It provides a way for them to write down and map out their thoughts to get a clear picture of the problem they're working on. It has also encouraged them to work together more often and learn from each other."

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Teaming Table

Here is our teaming table in action! Jennifer and Susanna took the Media Center Orientation work sheet (I used Google Translate) and corrected the mistakes they found on it. Thanks to their hard work all students will have a copy of the Media Center Orientation that they will be able to understand! Thanks girls!
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Woodland Elementary

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Courtney Rouse: Children's Book Week

During Children's Book Week, the support staff at Woodland Elementary dressed up to represent the book The Day the Crayons Quit. Media Specialists, Pam Hill and Courtney Rouse, are the orange and red crayons in the bunch!

Ellen Woodside Elementary

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Lucy Tinsley: Balloon Powered Lego Cars

38 fourth and fifth grade students along with 4 Michelin Engineers and 2 parents made balloon-powered Lego Cars at an after-school Makerspace event in the Ellen Woodside library on January 21 and January 28, 2016.