MPS iTech Weekly Newsletter

September 23, 2020 , Volume 1, Issue 1


Welcome to our first MPS iTech Weekly Newsletter. This newsletter is created by members of the Middletown Public Schools Instructional Technology Team. Current members of the MPS iTech Team include Steve Matthews, the Instructional Technology Coach, and Michelle Gohagon, the Director of Instructional Technology. Our goal of this newsletter is to provide consistent communication regarding instructional technology in Middletown Public Schools. In each issue, you can expect:

  • Tech Tip of the Week: The Tech Tip of the Week is a short explanation of our most asked question of the previous week.
  • Spotlight on Success: This section will feature a best practice for integrating technology in your classroom.
  • Tech Reminder: This section will include quick reminders of best practice for using instructional technology tools.
  • Professional Development: This section will describe professional development taking place in the district, at specific schools, or PD available for educators to participate in.

Tech Tip of the Week

Padlet Privacy Settings

Be sure to set the privacy for your Padlets to "Secret", as opposed to "org wide". The secret setting is equivalent to Google's "anyone the link can view".

  • While your Padlet is open, click "Share".
  • Select "Change Privacy".
  • Choose "Secret", or even "Password" if you want those who have the link to have to also enter a password.
  • In the box below, set the visitor permissions to "Can write" for most student applications. This allows students to create and post, but they cannot edit or approve other posts.

Spotlight on Success

Since this is our fist newsletter we are hoping that you will answer our call for you to share successes that you are having in your classroom in a hybrid environment, and/or integrating technology into your classroom. Be proud and celebrate what you have accomplished by sharing your success! If you are willing to share your success or brag about the success of your colleagues, please contact Michelle Gohagon at

Tech Reminder

When using Zoom, be sure to login to your MPS Zoom account by accessing the Zoom icon in Classlink, the Zoom website, or by using the Zoom app on your device. Logging in using one of these methods will ensure you are connected to your paid MPS Zoom account.

Professional Development

This week, the MPS iTech Department facilitated and supported the following PD:

  • Zoom Refresher: Steve delivered a Zoom Refresher to the Bielefield staff. They focused on meeting controls and preferred settings, followed up by a general Q&A.
  • Waggle: Michelle provided technical support for schools implementing the Waggle platform.

Next week, the MPS iTech Team will be providing professional development on:

  • Station Rotation & Playlists in a Hybrid Environment (Grade 7, Science): In this PD, teachers will receive support and training in how to create playlists that support learning outcomes in a station rotation model. (led by Michelle Gohagon)
  • Introduction to Hapara (Secondary ELA teachers): Participants will access and understand the benefits of using Hapara to create a more efficient student workflow. (led by Steve)
  • LINCspring (All MPS educators at designated times): Through professional development provided by LINCspring all teachers will explore Formative Assessments in a Hybrid Environment. (supported by MPS iTech Team)

If your school or department has specific professional development needs or wish to discuss specific professional development needs please reach out to Michelle or Steve.

MPS Instructional Technology

Please visit the MPS Instructional Technology website for additional training resources and ideas for implementation.