The Study of Plushology and Dermplu

by Emma Jia, PhD in Plushology and Advanced Dermplu

What does Plushology and Dermplu mean?

Plushology studies the ins and outs of stuffed animals, or plushies. No, it is not a silly, unimportant subject. Plushology is an extremely complicated study of the anatomy and health possibilities of any size stuffed item. This requires a three year term in college for a bachelor's in Dermplu. Dermplu studies the fixation of plushie seams and fur or covering material. This info is to be taken to a plushologist to be examined, verified, and, if necessary, operated on.

Interested? Look no further!

If this seems like the thing for you, go ahead and sign up for Beginner's Dermplu at the Kid's Studies University (KSU)! They provide classes for kids 3+. If you are over 18, no problem! They also include an adult class, costing 100 US Kid Dollars. For kids under 18, they are free of charge! If you become overage in the middle of the term, no problem! Classes will continue until the next un-enrolled semester. I also recommend Beatrice Von Trapp Kid's College (BKC), Reynold's Toddler College (RTC), and Christina Li's Teen University (CTU). Online courses are available to all ages in all of these Universities and colleges, but cost extra. Enroll now at their websites!

About the Author

I, Emma Jia, am a PhD Graduate of RTC and KSU. I have three published books on the study of Plushology and Dermplu (Being a Plushologist, Beginner's Dermplu, and Advanced Dermplu). I have received a Caldecott award for my latest book, Being a Plushologist. My Dermplu books have been used for multiple youth colleges and bought all over the world. I strongly encourage toddlers to begin RTC and study a new subject, like Fairyology, Plushology, and Dragology. All subject are creative and can simulate a sark in young minds. Be sure to look at my articles on those, too!

Enjoy Learning about Plushology and Dermplu!