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JANUARY 10, 2023

Challenger Middle School Mission

To provide an exemplary education that develops critical thinking and problem solving skills which inspire our students to challenge their minds and charge their spirits.

Principal's Corner

Hello Charger Families!

As we wrap up a successful first semester and prepare for semester two, we would like to take a moment to review some of our school’s expectations:

Supplies - It is very important that our students have their supplies for class every single day. Please take the time to have your student go through their backpack, clean out any unnecessary items, and replenish the needed supplies. Pencils, notebooks, charged Chromebooks, expo markers, and wired headphones are just a few of the necessary supplies' students need to ensure they are successful in their classes.

Dress Code - Please ensure that your child is adhering to the dress code. Appropriate school attire is an expectation each and every day in all classrooms. Leggings, pajamas, slippers, bodycon dresses, and transparent clothing are not acceptable school attire. Dresses, shorts and skirts should all be of appropriate length. Jeans/pants cannot have tears or rips in them. Please have a discussion with your student about what qualifies as appropriate school attire, and what outfits might be better suited for the weekend.

Water Bottles - Water bottles must be clear/translucent. Students are only allowed to have water in their water bottles. Anything other than this will be confiscated immediately.

Cell Phones, Wireless Earbuds, and Smart Watches- These devices are to be turned off and put away in your child’s backpack the moment they are on campus until the moment they are off campus. They should not be on their person for any reason. Students who violate this policy will have their device confiscated and a phone call home will be made.

Please visit if you have any questions about the information above.

Thank you for your continued support. We are excited for the new semester!

Mrs. Winfree
Challenger Middle School


**testing dates have changed due to some teachers and students being off campus, our updated testing dates are below**

Wednesday, January 11th:

FAST PM2- Reading

Wednesday, January 18th:

FAST PM2- Math

STAR (Alg/ Geo)

Thursday, January 19th:

6th Science (school-based testing)

7th Civics- PM

8th Science- PM

WIDA Testing

WIDA testing begins January 23rd and runs through March 10th.

ALL LY students will be tested during this time. We currently have 92 students. There are many parts to the testing, so your LY students will be pulled several times during this testing window.

Upcoming Events...

School Choice Open House

On January 19th, 2023 Challenger will be hosting an open house from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

Our teachers, staff, and admin will be available for questions. You can learn more about what electives, clubs, and sports Challenger offers. We are very excited to meet you, and tell you everything we love about our school.

Come check out everything Challenger has to offer!

School Spelling Bee 🐝

Challenger’s annual school Spelling Bee will be held on February 13th, from 10:00-12:00 in the gymnasium. ELA classes hosted class Spelling Bees during the week of December 12th, to determine the finalists for our school Bee. Parents and families are welcome to root for their child in person this year! Students who have advanced to the school spelling bee will receive more information soon.

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Soccer ⚽

Soccer sign-ups will be taking place on January 10, 2023!

Tryout will take place starting Wednesday, January 11th, and teams will be selected and posted by Friday, January 27th.

Please feel free to email either Coach Mac (boys) - or

Coach Reeve (girls) - for any questions or concerns.

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Volleyball 🏐

Our volleyball teams had an amazing year, even with it shortened. We are so very proud of the effort and dedication these students put forward during their shortened season. They performed so well, and did their absolute best every game. Congratulations to both the boys and girls team on their wonderful season!


🎄 12 Days of Christmas 🎄

From December 6th - December 21st we had lots of holiday cheer at Challenger Middle! We had many themed dress up days to celebrate the last 12 days leading up to the end of school. Both staff and students had fun participating in the holiday celebrations! 😊


On December 9th, our student council hosted our first dance of the year - the Glow Dance! This event was many months in the making, and was a great success thanks to Ms. Spero and her student council members.

Our students had so much fun eating snacks, hanging out, and dancing the night away! We can’t wait to see you at the next dance!!!

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The Mummification Process!

Students in Ms. Sander's class presenting their mummification projects! They walked the class through the embalming process and included classmates from the audience to come up and be part of helping during each step. They even had resin (syrup). They used salt containers for their "natron" and made organs out of play dough which they placed into canopic (Mason) jars.

🎵 Winter Band Concert 🎺

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On December 15th our band performed in the gym for family and staff! The gym was packed and the students sounded amazing. Huge shoutout to both the students that performed, and both Mr. Devlin & Mr. Devitt for dedicating so much time and pouring into our band students.

🎙️ Winter Chorus Concert & Gift Giving 🎶

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On December 16th Challenger Middle was able to bless 20 of our students and their siblings (47 children total) with Christmas gifts. We want to send the biggest thank you to Mrs. Brooks who organized, decorated, and sponsored this event. We also want to give a shout-out to our “Challenger elves” who wrapped gifts, sponsored an angel, donated items, helped decorate, and everything in between.

Ms. Batista and her chorus students also sang Christmas carols to all attendants, and truly brought the holiday spirit.

Advanced Theatre Class Field Trip

December 15th, Ms. Leonard’s advanced theatre class took a trip to North Fort Myers High School to see Beauty and the Beast Jr!

The students had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful performance.

All County Choir Results

Please congratulate the following students that have been accepted to be a part of the All-County Choir for the 2022-2023 season. These students showed much dedication and commitment to prepare for this audition and I am very proud of them. These students are up for their second year participating in the all-county choir ensemble.

  • Marissa Darby (7th Grade)
  • Ethan Mohring (8th Grade)
  • Taleah Walters (7th Grade)

All-County Honor Choir Rehearsals

  • Tuesday, January 17th from 6:00-8:00pm - Fort Myers High School (2635 Cortez Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901)

  • Monday, January 23rd from 6:00-8:00pm - Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts (6750 Panther Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33919)

Choir MPA Rehearsal/Sightreading Prep

  • Friday, January 20th from 4:30-6:00pm - Room 2-108
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Class Pet of the Month

Sunny the Snake

Sunny is a Ball Python located in Mr. Brooks' class. She loves to chill around Mr. Brooks' neck for warmth. She's very passive as long as she doesn't feel threatened. She has had many rat friends although those friendships never seem to last. Mr. Brooks has had her for four years, but he's not sure of her age because he got her from someone else.

January Bus Driver of the Month!

Our January Bus Driver of the Month is Steve from bus 2799!

He is always in a good mood, and is always being polite to kids. Steve makes driving a bus seem like a breeze.

January Students of the Month!

We would like to congratulate the following students on their outstanding excellence in school! Each student listed below was specifically selected by one or more of their teachers to receive this award. We are very proud of our students and the hard work they continue to put in.

6th Grade

Madison Davila

Serenity Norat

Berlyn Perkins

Amy Puebla-Erazo

Sofia Rodriguez

Christopher Romero

Steven Terekhin

7th Grade

Andrea Acosta

Greyson Buller

Analise Burgos

Sofia Delgado

Amanda Fernandez

Angelo Maturell

Nola Rager

Jer'Nauriah Woodard

8th Grade

Paige Betterman

Geira Cameron

Elianna Castro

Lucas Hagins

Sanet Jimenez

Maxwell Leontes

O'mier Nalls

Mason Paul

Kealina Perry

Maikel Zamora

Parent Appreciation

We would like to give a shout out and a huge thank you to Ampi Elizondo for supporting not only our PTO, but also our Teacher's Christmas Potluck. We are so grateful for your generosity! Our teachers and staff enjoyed the delicious food very much!!!


PTO/SAC Meetings occur the first Thursday of every month. Our next meeting will take place on January 12, 2023.

PTO will start at 5:30pm and run until 6:00pm.

SAC will then begin at 6:00pm and go until 6:30pm.

All PTO/SAC Meetings will be held in person at Challenger Middle School in the Media Center.

Challenger PAWS-itive Drop Off

Have you heard the news???

Every Friday at Parent Drop Off there's a special treat just for your pups! Bring your furry friends with you to the Challenger Drop Off line on Friday mornings, and your pup will receive a yummy treat from Ms. Hinton at the end of the line.

We hope to see more cute pups soon!!!

Who am I?

Below you will find a riddle that hints at a staff member at Challenger Middle School. Reading the clues, take your best guess as to who the riddle is about, and submit your answer using the Google Form below!

Whoever guesses correctly will receive kudos from Mrs. Wilke!

The winners will be chosen and announced on January 27th, 2022!

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Important Dates

Below are a list of dates for when both interims and report cards will be available to both students and parents. 😊

1st Quarter

Interim – Sept. 12th

Report Card – Nov. 1st

2nd Quarter

Interim – Nov. 16th

Report Card – Jan. 13th

3rd Quarter

Interim – Feb. 9th

Report Card – March 22nd

4th Quarter

Interim April 27th

Report Card – June 12th

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Out of Field Teachers

Florida State Statute 1012.42 recognizes that teachers at times must be assigned duties in a class outside the field in which the teacher is certified. The following teachers at Challenger Middle School are engaged in training to add the required endorsements and certifications to their teaching certificate:

Anthony Barbier

Abbey Flecha

Mariel Orengo

Lee County School Board

Armor Persons, District 5 (Chair)

Samuel Fisher, District 1 (Vice Chair)

Melisa W. Giovannelli, District 2

Chris N. Patricca, District 3

Debbie Jordan, District 4

Jada Langford-Fleming, District 6

Cathleen O'Daniel Morgan, District 7

Kathy Dupuy-Bruno, Esq., Board Attorney

Dr. Christopher Bernier