By Chelsea and Renee

Task 1

5 Rainforest in Smallest to Largest Order

  1. Mount Kinabula National Park ( Malaysia-754km2)
  2. Daintree Rainforest (Queensland-1,200km2)
  3. Usa Alaska Rainforest (Alaska-69,000km2)
  4. Cloud Rainforest ( Equador-276,880km2)
  5. Amazon Rainforest ( Brazil-5,500,000km2)

Task 2

What is Importance of the Rainforest?

  • It is home to many different species of plants and animals
  • It provides many of our foods we eat today
  • It also gives us oxygen (O2)
  • It has lots of rain which always keeps the ground and air moist
  • It is part of the world's wheather/tempurature.
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How is it important?

  • It keeps all living things alive.
  • It produces many kinds of food like plam sugar etc.
  • It makes it's own wheather in it's own area.
  • The carbin dioxide is what the trees breathe in and it breathe out oxygen so that all cretures can live.
  • It also provide us medicines like vincristine which is from a rosy periwinkle plant.

What important natural food does it produce?

  • Rainforests produces many different types of food we eat like fruits and vegetables.
  • Some of the fruits and vegetables are corn, bananas, potatoes, oranges and many more.
  • Some of the rainforest plants could be able to be made into a medicine and sometimes could cure diseases.
  • Plants, and trees like a palm tree are cut down all the time to make Palm oil and Palm sugar.
  • Trees are also chop down for timber and to build houses.

Why are Rainforests so important?

  • Rainforests are important for our health because without the rainforests we wouldn't have the natural food like apples.
  • Human cut down trees so they can use the pulp from the trees to make paper.
  • We need trees for houses for humans to live.
  • It is home to many, many thousands of species of animals and plants.
  • Provides us medicine ingredients like the Rosy Periwinkle.

Task 3

Deforestation Problems

  • Deforestation is a enormous problem because lots of animals who call a rainforest home won't have a place to sleep.
  • If more trees are cut down, they we will have less of the natural foods we eat everyday.
  • When trees are cut down the earth will have more carbon doixide than oxygen.
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