Crosby Scholars Information Night

just for WRMS parents!

************* MONDAY ,SEPTEMBER 28 ************* 6:30pm-7:30pm

Big picture
Big picture

Come get your answers!..

  • What is Crosby Scholars?
  • Can anyone join?
  • Does it cost?
  • How can I join Now?
  • How does this help my child?

*******ONE PARENT WILL WIN!*******

In Parenting in the Screen Age, award-winning filmmaker, and mental health advocate Dr. Delaney Ruston shares evidence-based insights on screen time from researchers, input from kids and teens, and solutions drawn from Dr. Ruston’s own messy parenting struggles, this guide shows you how to start--and sustain--productive family talks about technology.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Bring up screen time without making your child or teen defensive
  • Talk through difficult issues like online social cruelty, sexting, and mental health
  • Engage your child in creating boundaries around Netflix, video gaming, and social media
  • Have screen time limits with less of the sneaking or arguing

Middle School Program Coordinator

Feel free to reach out to me before the event.
Michelle Strong