Seaworld: Captivity

By: Nayeli Pantoja


In the documentary Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite is successful in illustrating the negative impacts of captivity of Orcas owned by SeaWorld, by involving interviews with former SeaWorld trainers and stock footage of Orcas attacking.

Defining The Purpose

The purpose of Blackfish, is to inform people the negative impacts SeaWorld has on Orcas. Orcas are held captive in SeaWorld and the documentary shows the physical and emotional pain orcas experienced in captivity. In, the film the filmmaker reveals how SeaWorld lies and covers up deaths Orcas caused.
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Technque 1: Interviews

Interview about Dawn: In, the image above shows an interview talking about Dawn. The Interview were with former trainers of SeaWorld talking about how an experienced trainer Dawn was. If Dawn was a very experience trainer and she still got attacked by Tilikum and died due to it, then this could happen to anyone. Anyone can get attacked by Orcas even experienced trainers who do it for living. Captivity drives killer whales crazy, so they can attack anyone in any movement.

Interview about how SeaWorld Lies: In, the film there is in interview with one of the former trainers at SeaWorld discussing how SeaWorld's managment covered up a story of girl's death caused by Tilikum. The girl was a trainer named Keltie Byrne, she fell into the pool containing three killer whales. Tilikum was one of the 3 orcas, he pulled her all the way down to the pool, Keltie automatically drowned. SeaWorld try to cover up the story by saying she slipped and drowned in the pool. SeaWorld still kept all the Orcas knowing the dangers killer whales have on humans. When the Orcas are in captive they are stressed and aggressive. So, Tillikum attacked Keltie due to how stressed he is in captivity.

Interview about Alex: In, Blackfish there is a lot of interviews talking about the negative impacts captivity have on killer whales. There was an interview about a former trainer named Alex, who was a trainer for Loro Parque who was attacked by a killer whale and killed. Alex's fiance and mom are in this interview talking about how Alex died due to the killer whale. Alex was considered the best of the best trainers in Loro Parque and he was still attacked by the killer whale and died. The reason the killer whale attacked Alex is captivity, captivity makes killer whales aggressive towards humans. SeaWorld owns those whales, and are still being kept in Loro Parque.

Technique 2: Stock Footage

Whale attacks: In, the documentary Blackfish, they showed stock footage of killer whales attacking their trainers. The orcas lashed out on their trainers numerous of times. The killer whales lashed out on their trainers because of captivity.

Mother Orca: Another, stock footage showing negative impacts captivity has on killer whales, is when the documentary showed stock footage of a mother Orca crying for her baby who was taken away from her. The, stock footage showed the negative effects the Orca goes through because of them being captive. The Orcas have no control of their lives.

Conditions: In, the stock footage below you see how small the tanks are for killer whales. This is where the killer whales stay. Orcas need bigger space, to them the tank is like a bathtub. The stock footage shows you that killer whales in captivity are not in the best conditions because how little space they have in those tanks.

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The documentary Blackfish, gives you many emotions. An emotion I felt throughout the film was sadness. I was sad to see what the Orcas go through. Also, I was mad that SeaWorld ruined these beautiful creatures lives and their employees just for money. The impact that the film gave me, was to not support any zoos or anything that has to do with animals held in captivity. Captivity is not right, and we has humans are selfish to have animals captured. Animals are meant to be freed, not for people to see them in display in a zoo.