Forms of energy

By Indi Kuhaupt

Gravitational Potential Energy

  1. Definition - Gravitational potential energy is energy an object has because of its position in the gravitational field.

Example (2) - dropping a pencil, going down a slide

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Me dropping pencil

Kinetic Energy

  1. Definition - The energy of moving objects.

    Example (2) - running, pigeons flying

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Someone running at pigeons

Sound energy

Definition - Energy that air has when it's vibrating.

Example (2) - when you talk, music

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Heat Energy

Definition - comes from the sun, flames and chemical reactions.

Example (2) - fire, the sun.

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Nuclear Energy

Definition - energy stored inside the small particles that make up all matter.

Example (2) - nuclear power plant, nuclear bomb.

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Chemical Energy

Definition - energy stored in substances.

Example - batteries

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Light Energy

Definition - energy from light

Examples - solar panels

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Electrical Energy

Definition - energy from electric potential energy.

Examples - household electrical appliances, lightning

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Lightning (a 30 second film)