Unseen Third Party

Oberon's relationships with other fairies


In A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, there are at least three stories: The story where Egeus, Theseus, Hippolyta, Demetrius, Lysander, Helena, and Hermia are involved, the relationships between the king and queen of the fairies, and the play put on by Bottom and his band. The fairies are never really seen by the "mortals", but work behind the scenes to change things magically. Their magic potions bring relationships together, break them apart, form new ones, and eventually make everything all right again.
Grieg- Puck Op.71 No.3 (Smatroll), Iskra Mantcheva, piano


Oberon would direct this song to Puck (or Robin Goodfellow), especially at the beginning. Robin is mischievous, unpredictable and adventurous. Because Oberon and Robin are immortal, they can basically do anything, and this song expresses their rushing around doing sneaky stuff.

At the beginning, Robin says,

"What you say is true. That's me you're talking about, the playful wanderer of the night. I tell jokes to Oberon and make him smile. I'll trick a fat, well-fed horse into thinking that I'm a young female horse. Sometimes I hide at the bottom of an old woman's drink disguised as an apple. When she takes a sip, I bob up against her lips and make her spill the drink all over her withered old neck. Sometimes a wise old woman with a sad story to tell tries to sit down on me, thinking I'm a three-legged stool. But I slip from underneath her and she falls down, crying, "Ow, my butt!" and starts coughing, and then everyone laughs and has fun. But step aside, fairy! Here comes Oberon."

Apparently Oberon is mischievous like his servant Robin too, because Titania says that he snuck away from Fairyland and spent all day hanging out with his other girlfriend, and that he apparently likes the Amazon Hippolyta, when he's supposed to be married to Titania.

Tegan and Sara - I Was A Fool [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


Oberon and/or Titania would listen to this song after their first argument, because it expresses the way Oberon and Titania's relationship is downhilling quickly.

One of the lyrics is:

"Love like ours is never fixed"

When Oberon is angry at the beginning of the play, he uses Titania's love for bargaining, but at the end, after he got what he wanted, he calls Titania his "sweet queen" and wants her to love him again. If Oberon had just let it go, his anger wouldn't have been kindled, and the balance of love wouldn't have been tipped.

When they first argue at the beginning of the play, both claim that the other is unfaithful, while they themselves are faithful. In the song, it says:

"I stuck around, I did behave"

Both Oberon and Titania would probably claim this. This might be a small part of what made Oberon say to Robin to put the love flower's juice on Demetrius' eyes. If not, then it might have been because Oberon, like Robin, likes to cause trouble and complications.

Anything you can do I can do better.avi


"ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER" is a sassy, high-spirited song where two people, a man (Frank) and a woman (Annie), try to outdo each other in everything; for example, who can sing higher, sing softer, buy cheaper, and hold a note for longer, though Annie always seems to be countering Frank's argument.

Although, at the beginning, Oberon and Titania are arguing over who gets to keep the stolen Indian boy, their argument has the same attitude. Oberon argues that Titania should give the boy to him because he is her "lord and master", while Titania counters the argument by saying that she is supposed to be Oberon's "lady and wife", whom Oberon should be faithful to. This leads to Oberon putting varied flowers' juices on the eyes of Titania, Lysander, and Demetrius, which basically turns into most of the play's plot.

Cascada Bad boy lyrics


One of "BAD BOY"'s lyrics is: "My stone heart was breaking, my love ran away." The "love" could apply to either Oberon or Titania, but mostly Titania, who would not let Oberon come with her unless he joined in Titania and her fairies' dances and behaved himself. The person with the stone heart is Oberon.

The song also says, "You once made this promise to stay by my side, But after some time you just pushed me aside, You never thought that a girl could be strong, Now I'll show you how to go on". This part is more fitting for Titania to say. When Oberon doesn't get his way, he leaves Titania's side and wants to make her obey him. But Titania is immovable, and instead of worrying about what Oberon's going to do, she doesn't really seem to care about their relationship either; she just moves on with her fairies.

If you took out the parts where the song says, "Be my week-end lover, But don't be my friend, You can be my bad boy", the bad boy could be referring to Oberon. Where it says, "But understand, That I don't need you again", this would be something that Oberon would say to Titania at the beginning when he is angry and seemingly only needs Titania's love to bargain with it.

Oberon would probably listen to this after his first argument with Titania.

Tegan And Sara - Goodbye, Goodbye [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


Oberon and Titania would both listen to it, because they both sort of want to be away from each other. Titania has said that she would not sleep with Oberon or talk to him again. "GOODBYE, GOODBYE" is about saying goodbye. One of the parts in the song says,

"You never really loved me Never really, never really loved me"

Both Oberon and Titania probably feel that way.

After Oberon and Titania depart, Oberon decides to sneak up on Titania while she's sleeping and put the love flower's juice on her eyes. He also tells Robin to go put some of the juice on Demetrius' eyes, but Robin puts it on Lysander's, which just messes everything up.

Blondie - One Way or Another (Lyrics)


"ONE WAY OR ANOTHER" is a song about a person getting their love back, using one way or another, but it could also apply to the way Oberon feels like he needs to pay back Titania for not giving him the Indian boy she stole.

Oberon says, "Well, go on your way, then. You won't leave this grove until I've paid you back for this insult." Then he actually puts the juice from a magical flower onto Titania's eyes so that the next thing she sees, be it bear, donkey, mouse or fox, she'll fall in love with it. A minute ago they were arguing about who's supposed to be faithful to the other, and the next minute Oberon doesn't seem to care about their relationship anymore, manipulating it just so he can have the Indian boy. One way or another, Oberon has got Titania to give him what he wants.

Can't Give up now lyrics Mary Mary


Although, this is a gospel song, it could be fitting for both Oberon and Titania. It talks about, how although the road isn't easy, and not everything's going to go your way, you can't give up now. One of the lyrics is:

"But victory or defeat, it's up to me to decide, But how can I expect to win if I never try." I think both Titania and Oberon have this same attitude: I can't give up now. I'm not budging; I've come this far, and although the road wouldn't be easy, I'm not going to give up.

But because Oberon and Titania both wouldn't give up, Oberon got angry and tried to change Titania's attitude by using the juice of a magical flower to make her fall in love with the first thing she sees. This way, he'll be able to almost "blackmail" her into giving him the child he wants.

Burgmüller : Les Sylphes (Etude Op. 109 No. 15) (Pierre Feraux)


This song has a feeling of a queer sense of happiness, which is what Oberon must feel after having snagged Titania so well. It's the kind of song you could sit back and just listen to while relaxing. After Robin puts the flower juice on Titania's eyes, he and Oberon sort of sit back and watch the scene play out. Right now, Oberon is probably feeling relieved, and dreaming about the sweet hunting trips/times he will have with the Indian boy once he gets him from Titania. This song has a sort of dreaming feeling.
Regret D.gray-man


After Oberon realizes that Robin made a mistake, he sort of panics and quickly sends Robin to find Helena and make the night dark and cloudy so that Lysander and Demetrius can't find each other. Finally, Oberon realizes that he will need to fix all that he's done and regrets some of the choices that he made. "REGRET" is a nostalgic song about regretting, and it fits the mood that Oberon is, when Oberon sees the tangle he's made, and the things he will have to do to get things right again.
Brian Crain - Song for Sienna


At the very end of the play, when Oberon and Titania dance for Theseus and Hippolyta, and right after Oberon removes the love potion spell from Titania, the fairies all dance very softly. "SONG FOR SIENNA" has a light tinkling sound which would probably match the rhythm and song of the fairies' dance, but it also has a happy undertone; after all, Oberon and Titania are reunited and happy again (though it is through Oberon's unseen trickery and magic).