Jolly Jellyfish

Colin Mallon


Have you ever been in the ocean and felt a sharp sting on your body? It might have been a jellyfish. Did you know around 90% of jellyfish sting? Jellyfish have an outstanding habitat, movement, and diet.


Jellyfish are found in ocean currents all over the world. Jellyfish are also found in cold waters, warm waters, also deep sea waters and shallow coastlines. Jellyfish live in different conditions of water. A habitat for jellyfish is vast as they can live in any ocean water around the world. Jellyfish have been able to to find plenty of locations where they can mate and thrive in their own territory/habitat.


Did you know 99% of jellyfish move up and down and side to side. Jellyfish use ocean currents and its tentacles. Muscles on the underside on the jellyfish contract and open and close the body like a umbrella and enable the jellyfish to swim.The movement of the jellyfish is that water gets pushed into the umbrella like part of the jellyfish then the water gets forced out.

Did you know jellyfish eat more than 20 organisms. Jellyfish eat comb jellies,crustaceans,other jellyfish,zoo plankton,fish,shrimp,crabs,and tiny plants.


In conclusion , The jellyfish moves in it’s habitat to get the food it needs to survive under the sea. Jellyfish are fascinating sea creatures!

My Diorama

For the diorama activity I created my own Great Barrier Reef. I had a shark, coral, algae, sponge, starfish, clownfish , whale and as my main animal a jellyfish. I also had a beach on the top of my diorama. My diorama reveals the secret habitat of the jellyfish.

Go Fish

This activity is when you can make your own fish tank. You can put colorful fish in your fish tank. But also you have to purchase the following items filters, water, a tank, and everything so your fish can survive.
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