We Don't Need Uniforms

By McKinley Ables

Why would I care? Just for clothes? Those thing are ugly !!! I hate school uniforms!!! I want to burn them in the fire pit.

After all, the colors of the uniforms are usually the school’s colors. School uniforms are chaos. Would you want your child to look like men at a prom? Also if you are a fashion diva you would not like this they have no style and lots of embarrassment . Really they are some of the ugliest thing on Earth. Here's the funny part. If you put your white school shirt in the washer, and then you put your black shirt in you’re dead meat. You're wearing a gray shirt to school.

To be honest, do you want your child to have only a few pairs of clothing? That are school uniforms!! They are gross. Also school uniforms are very cheap and priceless . Actually they are shipped from China.Why would you want your child eating in a school uniform?The fabric is so cheap it can clearly stain it!! The owners of the school sells them so cheap and the clothing in store,mall,thrift shops, are so expensive .To make you buy more!!

Can you believe this? Your child can be sent to the hospital? Because of chemicals in the fabric can have dangerous stuff for your child heath.School uniforms allergies ,and the dangerous chemicals. Always the fabric is super itchy ,and the are very violent. Would you want to know what company it is? Really if the ties are tight and can give a major rash.

No, I hate school uniforms and you should too ! Come on lets help the world so your child can die .School uniforms smell like cow poop. The fabric just like a brick accommodate .They are ugly, embarrassing, unhealthy. I beckoned you to be on my side .Dr. Thurman please never let Ward Central have uniforms please!