PACK Student Updates

Sept. 2, 2022

It's a GREAT day to be a Husky!

Roosevelt Families,

We are off to a great start of school! It has been wonderful to see students in the building and engaged in learning. One item that our staff is working hard to support is the arrival and dismissal process here at Roosevelt. Below are some requests that will help make this process faster and reduce traffic congestion.

  • Orchard Lake Police have requested that families do not start to line up along the road so early before the bell. The suggested time to start lining up would be 7:50am in the morning and 2:40pm in the afternoon. This will reduce the traffic backing onto the roads impeding traffic.

  • If traffic does back onto Orchard Lake Rd, please only use the far right lane. This will allow the second lane (left lane) to pass through traffic.

  • If traffic does back up onto Orchard Lake Rd, cars can not block the crosswalk.

  • Orchard Lake Police said they will be enforcing this concept not allowing cars to impede traffic flow on Orchard Lake Rd.

  • Please keep student signs in the front window throughout the entire pickup process. This will help students and staff identify cars faster.

  • Please have your students ready to exit the car once it is stopped during the arrival process. Having students sit on the right hand side of the car will make the process faster.

  • Please pull as far forward as possible. This will allow more cars to come off of the road into the parking lot.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK AND WALK TO THE CAR LINE TO PICK UP OUR STUDENT. This is a student safety concern. We do not have the staff to support parents walking up and picking up students.

If you are asking your student to walk off property, all teachers must be notified this is the new way students will be leaving school. All students walking off property will be required to exit out the front doors (by the main office). Students will not be allowed to walk around from the back of the building.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated to help make this process efficient and safe for students and staff.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr. West

Weekly Events

September 5th NO SCHOOL

Upcoming Events

September 20:

Open House at Roosevelt will take place on Tuesday, September 20th (more information to follow in next weeks newsletter)

September 23: No School

September 27: Picture Day

October 5: No School

District Calendar Information

Click on the link above to access the the 2022-2023 calendar

Roosevelt Elementary 2022-2023 Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule 2021-2022



  • The doors will open at 8:10am for the 2022-2023 school year. Due to a lack of adult supervision students will not be allowed in the building until 8:10am.

  • If students are dropped off prior to 8:10am they will be required to wait outside the building. (Note adult supervision will not be provided prior to 8:10am)

  • Students will enter the building, go to their locker, and then immediately to class. Staff will be present to greet students at the classroom door starting at 8:10am.

  • Our goal is to reduce the amount of time students are in the hallways congregating with other students.


  • This year no students will be allowed to walk home from Roosevelt. All students will need to ride the bus or be car pickup.

  • Students who are riding the bus will be dismissed at 3:10pm.

  • Car Line pickup will start at 3:10pm and will dismiss from the Commerce Rd. entrance/exit.

Note: All traffic will be required to turn right onto Commerce Rd. No left turn will be allowed to keep the flow of traffic moving.

Roosevelt 2022-2023 Dismissal Form

Please complete the following form indicating how your student(s) will be getting home each day.

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Parent/Family/Student Acknowledgement & Agreement Form

Please click on the link above to complete the required acknowledgement forms for the 2022-2023 school year.

Nutrition Services Information

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Husky PACK Parent Resources

Roosevelt Visitor Protocol

We're excited to welcome back parent volunteers in the 22-23 school year!

Unscheduled visitors coming to the building will not be permitted to enter past the front office.

Drop-in visitors will not be allowed to enter the building without a pre-scheduled appointment. We will continue this approach in an effort to maximize safety & security while minimizing disruptions to learning.

Families are welcome to schedule in-person meetings with administrators, teachers, counselors, and other staff. These meetings should be scheduled in advance and communicated with the main office. The option to Zoom for meetings will also continue to be available.


  • Must have approval from the principal and teacher before volunteering.
  • Interested volunteers must also complete a volunteer form.
  • ICHAT background checks are still required for all non-student volunteers.

Title I Services at Roosevelt Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary qualifies as a Title I building. With Title I funding we are able to provide multiple resources to students that support academic success. Some of these resources include but are not limited to,

  • Intervention support in the areas of reading, writing and math.

  • Before and after school program

  • Summer academic programs

  • Academic resources

This year food services will be providing the opportunity for all students to receive free breakfast but not free lunch. With that being said, I encourage you to still complete the application if you feel you may qualify for services. The amount of Title I funding Roosevelt will receive is based on these percentages.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

If you have any questions about Title I services provided to students at Roosevelt please feel free to contact Mr. West at

5th Grade Instrumental Music Zoom

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ICenter News

Week 1

I hope your Huskey had a great time in the Icenter this week!

We will begin book checkout over the next two weeks. Your Husky will have the opportunity to check out books each week from our school library! If you have found any ICenter books at home (they have a Roosevelt bar code on the back) please turn them in any time!

Kindergartners and First Graders are able to check out one book each week. Second Graders are able to check out two books each week. Our Third through Fifth Graders are able to have no more than five books checked out at a time. Once any of our Husky's have reached their maximum number of books they will need to return a book to get a book!

If you would like to help with book checkout, reshelving and beautifying our ICenter please click on our Sign up Genius:

Blessings In A Backpack

The goal is to make sure that no child goes hungry on the weekend. Run by volunteers, there is NO cost to families.This program sends six non-perishable meals home each Friday of the school year.
Staff: If you know of a family that could benefit, please forward along the application. For more information visit:

Insurance Information

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