Lineville Technology

By: Hannah Sperber

Typing Web

* We started every class typing for 5 minutes.

* I liked typing because I improved on it.

* When me and my class were allowed to have free time, I would continue typing.

Career Locker

* Mrs. VandenBoogaard came to help me and my class.

* We would take little tests on Career Locker.

* I thought this was a nice thing to get students thinking about there job and college.


* In Coding, we had to figure out puzzles with videos showing us how to use commands.

* For free time, we could play the other little games.

* I you are looking for a good, challenging website, I highly recommend this one.

Haiku Deck- Dream job

* We made presentations about our dream jobs.

* My class shared in front of everyone in our class.

* I picked Astronomy, but there are thousands of other jobs to choose from.

Making a ITrailer

* Me and my class had to make movies about our personal lives.

* We got to choose our own topic.

* Also, we got to share them in front of the class. If you don't like sharing, you don't have to.

Explain Everything

* In our class, we had to make an Explain Everything.

* We had to pick a math problem and solve it on the app.

* I recorded how to do the problem.