Gang Violence

In Portland

Gang violence is not a small issue here in Portland. In 2007 gang violence sky rocketed 70%. In 2011 at 14 year old boy was shot and was left for dead on the corner of 11th and Multnomah street. The shooting happened on April 18th, 2012. The three suspects were seen in the Lloyd Cinema parking lot trying to flee in their car. This incident was the 8th gang related homicide in Portland. Even though Portland's gang crime continues to drop, gang related killings were the highest in a decade.

My Policy


My plan of action is to hire more law enforcement in areas where gang crimes and gang related activity occurs. In the long run this will cost almost $200,000 to hire and pay law enforcement to keep these areas violence and gang related crime free. This is important to me because youth should be spending time learning a new skill or getting job skills and doing something productive with their time rather being arrested or god knows what else younger kids are doing today for fun.