The History of Florence Between Art and Progress

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Florence is one of most famous cities in the world, this famous Italian city is famous all over the world due to its Renaissance sculptures, paintings of great value and majestic buildings built by master builders of the past.

For centuries Florence was one of the richest and most important cities of the West, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance Florence was known for being the ideal place for artists and masters of all kinds.

Florence in the past for centuries has enjoyed an excellent economic situation arising from flourishing trade and the creation of the first banks, thanks to the good business relations with other foreign states.Florence was able to achieve excellent earnings.

The economic success of Florence in the past was that its currency: the Florine For centuries it has been accepted and imitated in all countries in Europe, we can say that the Florine was what the dollar is in the contemporary world.

Thanks to the great wealth that people accumulated in Florence and thanks to a stable political situation, rather than the big wars that were fought in Europe, Florence was the ideal place for the development and for new discoveries in every field.

The art in Florence was supported and encouraged by the wealth of the great noble families and great people of the church, the architecture with majestic works such as the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, the Vasari Corridor and many other monuments. They changed the physiognomy of the city making it an immortal city.

Like the great architectural works they created frescoes, paintings and sculptures of absolute value that embellished buildings such as the Uffizi.

The Uffizi were projected by Vasari for Cosimo I Medici. They were initially used for the government of the time but soon it became the first museum in Europe. In the Uffizi are great works of art owned by the Medici family. These Works of art are still present in this museum where they are visited by millions of tourists. Know more here jadescape

In addition to art for centuries Florence was one of the most important for the progress in many other fields. In this place scientists like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei became famous. These great scientists together with many other less-known scientists made discoveries and advances that laid the foundation for the development of the modern world.

Since medieval times Florence was a city that in addition to great wealth it could also count on a high number of residents, which made Florence one of the most populated urban centers of the ancient era. From a political point of view Florence played a central role thanks to the excellent relationship with the ecclesiastical power that the rulers of the city had since the early Middle Ages.