Great White Shark

Logan M. Hastings

Animal reseach project

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Great white shark's adaptations

Great white sharks are torpedo shaped to help them hunt food. They have strong teeth to help them rip or shred their prey so it could help the shark eat the prey. They have great fin power so they can speed through the water like torpedos. It can not live on land because it is not built to move on land.

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other notes...

These sharks don't like humans. Sharks are fish becuase they have gills. They are rare to find in Hawaii. These sharks grow 23 ft long (record 39 ft). These sharks weigh 3 tons. They can smell a drop of blood over a mile away. Far relatives of sharks are sting rays. These sharks can leap out of the water when there is something it is hunting that is at the suface of the water. These sharks have 1 pup at a time. These sharks are hard to see if you are 20 ft above or 20 ft below the shark because the coloring of the sharks skin. During one week of the year the great white sharks come to seal island the eat the seals, but not all of the seals.

Great white shark grabs seal - amazing HD Quality footage - Must See

How does the ecosystem keep the animal alive? does this animal do anything speical?

It keeps it alive because there are lots of fish to eat so the speices level stays the same, also there is water so it could move around

they migrate the oceans to find breeding areas, hunt prey, and bad weather like hurricanes and tropical storms.