BAS Pack of Dogs

September 2020 Edition


Program Coordinator: Karen Storey

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Program Goals

  • Improved relationships with peers and teachers
  • Positive attitude toward learning & improved motivation
  • Gains in confidence
  • Decrease in learner anxiety behaviors that interfere with academic growth
  • Increase in school attendance
  • Increased academic achievement

What impact will BAS Pack of Dogs have on students and/or staff member:

  • Provide students with positive academic, emotional, and behavioral support
  • Share relationship-building skills and trustworthiness
  • Exemplify calming techniques and self-regulation
  • Experience sharing, overcoming personal obstacles
  • Help with test anxiety and stress
  • Address respect of personal territory and boundaries
  • Positive impact on self-esteem and confidence
  • Teach assertiveness without anger, empathy, patience and forgiveness
  • Expand awareness of conflict resolution skills and how to have difficult conversations
  • Encourage positive choices and decision-making skills
  • To be a tool used in academic lessons

School Districts that are modeling our program

  • Frankenmuth Schools
  • Fenton Public Schools
  • West Ottawa Schools
  • Clarkston Schools
  • Saginaw Chippewa
  • Portage Northern HS
  • Walled Lake Schools
  • Howell Schools
  • Battle Creek Schools
  • Hartland Schools
  • Petoskey Public Schools
  • Dexter Schools
  • Oscoda Schools
  • Mt. Morris
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Fowlerville Schools
  • Kentwood Public Schools
  • East Jordan Schools
  • South Lyon Schools

Thank you Hills Science Diet and Washtenaw Vet - Health and Nutrition sponsor

We are so thankful for Science Diet - Hills to supply our food to our Pack. We are also thankful for Washtenaw Vet - Crystal Eberly for donating food to Oliver and Scout because they are in need of special Hills Science Diet food for their diet and health.

Scruffy 2 Fluffy - Grooming Day

On Friday, September 4th, Scruffy to Fluffy will be grooming our PACK! Kim has generously donated her grooming services so that our dogs are healthy and clean.

DOG DAZE - Training

One of our trainers, Fred Saber will be working with all of our dogs one on one to help them sharpen their skills. All of dogs are so excited to return to school and spend time with their school friends. We are happy to offer this one on one training with Fred each school year. Thank you to our sponsors for making this happen.


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