The Weekly

March 27-31

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My challenge to us. The educators of Longbranch.

When students react before they think, are we reacting before we thought? Are we being proactive or reactive in dealing with the behavior of children that results from their inability to calm their brains? Watch this video and you tell me...what could we be doing more proactively as a building to support kids with untrained emotional systems?
"Just Breathe" by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)
All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe

PGES at a Glance

March Focus

  • Monitor your SGG and update your WIG board.
  • Schedule/complete post observation if your eval is scheduled this month.
  • Mid year meetings continue. We will review your PGP progress, your SGG progress, and chat about your year. Bring your leadership notebook if it is ready.
  • Gather your Domains 1 and 4 evidence and score your rubric on the provided manilla cardstock form found in your mailbox. Write your name on the form and return to my mailbox.

Thinking of You

  • It would appear without a miracle that Sophia's battle has ended. We do anticipate that she will not live much longer. With this in mind, our admin team will be working with Childrens and the family to make sure our 850 students and all of you are supported throughout this uncertain time. Please continue to pray for Amy, Greg, Niko, Finn, and Sophia.
  • Prayers for two family members whose in laws passed this week. We are so sorry for your loss.
  • Speedy healing to all of our sick staff and students. Spring is coming!!

Do you have an intention we can pass along? Please let us know.

This week's events

    • MMM
    • Club Day
    • Mid year: Larison
    • Full: None
    • MMM Skit Crew Cancelled
    • Kindergarten Registration 4-7pm
    • Symphony Math training at 3:45pm
    • Boot camp at 4:15

    • Mid year meetings: Pendleton
    • Posts: Sommerkamp
    • Full: none
    • Guided Math with Dr. Nikki after school (this will be REALLY good, y'all!!)

    • PLCs--analyze schoolwide write (excited to see our results)
    • Dental Smiles on site all day for student dental appointments
    • Mid year: None
    • Full: Bremer...look at my email.
    • Boot camp at 4:15pm

      • Team Leader tentative...stay tuned. I have two really important things for us, but I may be out of the building today in interviews.
      • No Faculty Meeting
      • Yes Lighthouse Meeting
      • Erika on the interview committee for Asst. Superintendent (still tentative). Out all day.
      • Midyear: None
      • Evals: None

      • Mid Year Meeting: None
      • Full: None
      • Reality Store in Gym for 5th grade
      • Rachel at Coach Meeting
      • Morning and Afternoon Paraeducator Meetings: Response to Intervention
      • PBIS Tier 1 before school

      Action Team Updates

      All Teams
      • Create or update your team mission statement and share.

      • Meets weekly on Thursdays

      Family and Staff Education
      • Focus on how the faculty meeting time is spent.
      • Survey staff on voice and choice.

      Leadership Notebooks
      • Adding support for teachers for the teacher leadership notebooks.
      • Create teacher notebook models.
      • Process for goal reflection and resetting goals during the year.

      Club Day
      • Create a sub list of parents. Instruct teachers how to find a sub.
      • Instruct every club leader to create sub plans.

      Leadership Events
      • Prioritize which events to leaderize.
      • Start planning next Leadership Day.
      • Look at a spring event to celebrate goals, WIGs and growth.

      Scoreboards and WIGS

      • Focus on making sure the WIG boards are understandable in 5 seconds.
      • Communicate with the Leadership Notebook Team.
      • Explore the use of a universal student data tracker.
      • Focus on sustainable progress.
      • Do a deep diver refresher with Sara and the LNB team in April.


      • Alcoves for Music and Art will be painted.
      • Beginning of the year environment prep.
      • Environment Club will be redoing Yacht Club.
      • Ask Crossroads to paint our alcoves in spring.

      • Begin focusing on how parents are using the habits at home or how kids are using the habits at home.
      • More purposeful posts.
      • Make sure all grade levels and all students are featured.
      • Add more videos.

      Monday Morning Meeting
      • Create a mission statement
      • Build the habits and paradigms into meetings.
      • Empower kids to lead the MMM.

      Student Leadership
      • Brainstorming new job opportunities.
      • Finding time to train students when they are hired mid-year.
      • Creating a new application to reflect new jobs.

      Direct Lessons--may rename Student Learning
      • Create a timeline for staff for the 2nd half of the year.
      • Work on procedural lesson plans for LEAD posters.
      • Develop a purpose and mission statement.