Desktop or Laptop

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A desktop computer is a PC built to be used at a desk. these can be easily customized to fit the need of the owner and can be useful in many places for many people. for example, a website designer might want one because of it's speed and memory.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A desktop computer is faster than a laptop, it has more memory and is more easy to customize. this means that people can make a desktop suit their personal needs.

On the other hand desktop computers aren't very compact so aren't portable.


a laptop is a compact computer that is portable and can be used away from a desk. laptops can be split into other groups such as notebooks net-books and PDAs.

Net books and notebooks are small laptops and net books are designed for joining networks such as the internet. and a PDA (personal digital assistant) is usually found in the form of a phone such as a blackberry)

Advantages and Disadvantages

Laptops net books etc. are very compact and are very portable, they are very useful for people who move around and are never in the same place for too long.

On the other hand they aren't as fast as desktops and don't have as much memory. also they're harder to customize

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