Adventure Genre

By: Hannah S.

What is adventure?

Adventure is in which the key element is action. It's a breathtaking genre that usually has cliffhangers. To the left there is an example of Adventure Genre. (Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins)

More About This Genre

-Adventure stories are overpowered by action.
  • -They involve danger, risk, and excitement.
  • -The action is very fast-paced.
  • -Adventure stories are sometimes set in distant places.
  • -Events in an adventure story are much more extraordinary than in everyday life.
  • -The main character in adventure stories has traditionally been male, but that is changing presently.
  • Here are more examples of adventure genres

    Humor Genre

    What is Humor?

    Used for stories written in a comical and funny novels.

    Comedy is a genre that uses humor as a creative force.

    More About Humor

    -The main goal of this genre is to make the audience reveal laughter.

    - Often combined with other elements such as romance and action/adventure.

    -A genre that makes you amused.

    -The aim of a humor genre is to make laughter from the audience through entertaining stories and characters.

    Examples of Humor Novels

    Science Fiction

    What Is Science Fiction?

    Based on future technology or major environmental changes. Usually on space or time traveling and life on other planets.

    More About Science Fiction

    -Science Fiction shouldn't be believable because it falls into fantasy too.

    -The plot makes situations different from the present and the past.

    -They are also explaining the probably new happenings, or scientific developments that we will have in the future.

    -Science Fiction Texts are frequently set in the future or space or (etc...)

    Examples of Science Fiction Books

    Historical Fiction

    Historical fiction is based on historic events, but not completely true.

    Realistic Fiction

    Realistic fiction genre is based on possible events but it is not completely true. For example, the event might be true but the characters are not.


    When objects DO unreal action or they ARE unreal things. For example: talking animals.


    romance definition:Romance is a story unlike other fiction stories which contains romance literature

    -The Fault in Our Stars

    -The Perks of Being a Wall Flower


    Autobiography definition:

    A narrative of the past of a person who was/is important

    -The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Fran


    horror definition: definition: a story in which very frightening or unnatural things happens ussually with cliffhangers. It frequently involves murder or death.

    -The Stand by Stephen King


    Mystery is fictional and a detective [pro amateur] solves a crime or crimes in the story. The detective can be any person, such as a policeman, janitor, little boy etc.

    Books like this contains unknown crimes.


    A Biography is someone telling a story of someone else's actual life. Biographys are always non-fictional (NEVER FICTION)


    A memoir is a book where a person tells in they're life experience. Memoirs are always non-fictional too.