Quarterly Team Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2013

Top Individual Sales and Teams

May Top 10 Sales

1) Heidi Calvert

2) Laura Rienas

3) Jeanne Blank

4) Nancy Mills

5) Chris Henderson

6) Patricia Varano

7) Cindi Bast

8) Candice Bruning and Lynn O’ Donnell

9) Colleen Stearns

10) Sharon Penner

May Top 5 Teams

1) Team Sweisthal

2) Team Welcher

3) Team Henderson

4) Team Ingersoll

5) Team Peters

June Top 10 Sales

1) Jacqueline Burns

2) Sarah Bensley

3) Lynette Cravens

4) Tina Beres

5) Daniza and Michael Santiago

6) Valerie Sherrill

7) Amanda Knoll

8) Patricia Varano

9) Amanda Montague

10) Karyn Ruggiero

June Top 5 Teams

1) Team Sweisthal

2) Team Welcher

3) Team Henderson

4) Team Ingersoll

5) Team Archer

July Top 10 Sales

1) Lindsey Doebler

2) Amanda Montague

3) Raina Bellafiore

4) Christine Camacho

5) Shyra Smith

6) Michele Fiore

7) Deanna Bonilla

8) Dawn Smith

9) Tina Beres

10) LaRessie Mason

July Top 5 Teams

1) Team Sweisthal

2) Team Welcher

3) Team Henderson

4) Team Peters

5) Team Ingersoll

Kansas City Training 9/13-14


These trainings will pay for themselves easily in one jewelry bar; however, will propel your fall business forward tenfold! Learn from industry experts in depth on how to set up your social media, increase party attendance, move into leadership, manage your time and more! These events include a reception dinner on Friday night where you can meet and get to know your fellow O2 sisters as well as our speakers. They have expressed they want to spend as much time with you as they can. Saturday is a full day of training from 9 to 6 with a working lunch. We have a full schedule planned to help you get started on the right foot for the our fall quarter! You don't want to miss these - this is a discounted fee for what Lynsey usually charges that she is offering our group, plus you are getting Tracey Vlahos from the nest, Direct to Corporate leaders, and Senior Directors offering proven tips to make your O2 business successful! Can't wait to see you there. Register soon to reserve your seat - limited to 100 designers.

The News!

Wow - Where did April-July go! It sure flew by with our incredible Mother's Day sales, First O2 experience and now our awesome DIW's are coming on board!

I can't wait for you all to see the incredible new items for fall in person!

As we move forward, I will be changing the Team Freatman newsletter format. Admittedly I am behind, but not for lack of trying! With the busy previous months I have been learning how to juggle a growing business, family, and leadership. I must admit I truely love it, but it is a work in progress! So moving forward I will be sending out a quarterly newsletter to my whole team. As we have many leaders evolving and doing their own newsletters this will cut down on your emails. However, I feel it is important to keep sharing the O2 love and stay connected with you all so we will "chat" quarterly. For my direct line designers, I will do a separate monthly newsletter from now on. So even though this 2nd quarter newsletter is running a tad behind, it is sent with much love and excitement for our upcoming fall quarter. And it is a little off with months - our last newsletter ended with April sales so I have included May through July here and moving forward it will incorporate the quarter.

I hope to meet many of you at our upcoming team trainings in Kansas City and Nashville. Although there is a fee for these trainings, we have brought in incredible direct sales coaches for you! We have Lynsey Jones from Party Plan Diva's (and my personal coach) who will be talking about social media and explaining "how" to actually set up websites, etc. She will also be helping us with time management and leadership skills. Tracey Vlahos from the nest will be discussing "what success looks like"and more! We also have jewelry bar displays, take out parties, motivation, and more. These are full-day trainings that will dig a little deeper and provide you with proven strategies to have a successful business. The fee includes a meet and greet reception the night before ( our speakers will be joining us.) and a working lunch (not much time to break...lol...we are keeping you busy) Everyone who attends will also be put into a drawing to have breakfast with all of our speakers! This great idea was actually presented to me by Kelly Jamienson! Five lucky attendees (and Kelly) will be chosen for each event to have breakfast with all of out speakers before the training on Saturday! Both locations also offer great shopping and nightlife! Can't wait to see you there!

Lastly, I wanted to express my gratitude for all of the love and well wishes I received after being given the Heart of O2 award at conference. The most important message coming from this that I want to express to everyone is simply that I could not be who I am or do what I do with out all of you! We are a team and I will continue to strive daily to provide you all with as many tools and as much motivation as I can!


Michelle Freatman

Senior Director

Increasing your O2 Income

We have several ways with O2 to increase our monthly income. That is the beauty of our business. Perhaps you have young children and getting away for an evening is not possible to do more than once a week, or you are having health issues and can't do a home party. Take-out parties and facebook parties are a great alternative or addition to your home parties and when done correctly can be very successful! Here are some examples below of how you can grow your income by adding extra parties to your calendar!

Hold 1 Party per Week

4 parties x average party $400 x 40% commission = $640 Profit per month

2.5 hours per week

Hold 2 Parties per Week

8 parties x average party $400 x 40% commission = $1280 Profit per month

5 hours per week

Hold 3 Parties per Week

12 parties x average party $400 x 40% commission = $1920 Profit per month

7.5 hours per week

Hold 4 Parties per Week

16 parties x average party $400 x 40% commission = $2560 Profit per month

10 hours per week

I figured on the low end of our average party total and rounded our commission to 40% for ease of explanation.