January Parent Connection Newletter

Mrs. Friend - SCCS Faith Integration Specialist

January Storyline - Following Jesus Every Day!

In January we continue to explore Living Between the Trees by focusing on what it means to be part of Jesus' work every day. Our Scripture passages for this month are Mark 1:9-20, and Luke 4:14-21. At our storyline chapel, Jon DeGroot from Dordt University challenged us to listen for God's voice, and follow His leading. Our 7th/8th grade drama team again did a great job presenting the Scripture in a meaningful way. Click on the video below to watch the January 8 Storyline chapel, on the photos to see a larger version of each photo. The video below is of the song for this month, "Somlandela/We Will Follow." This song is a traditional Zulu song, and is found in the Lift Up Your Hearts hymnal.
Storyline Chapel: "Following Jesus Every Day."
Somlandela (I Will Follow)

January Connection Groups

In the January connection groups students will be playing a "Block Game" with legos where listening and following directions will be key! Just as listening is key to being successful in the game, we also need to be listening to God speaking to us in order to follow where He leads.

SCCS Family Faith Formation Survey

We are asking for you help. Would you be willing to fill out this 5 minute survey? We are looking for ways that we can partner with homes and local churches to come alongside families as they grow in faith together. Filling out this survey will help us find those areas where we can work with you and with local congregations. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

More brand new "Five Ways Tools" for families

Last month I shared three brand new "Five Ways Tools" for families published by CRCNA Faith Formation Ministries. Here are three more brand new resources to explore.

Recommended Faith Formation Resources for Families

I would encourage you to check out this great list of resources from CRCNA Faith Formation Ministries!