America Needs Help!!!

Do you have interest in becoming the new President?

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The President is responsible for:

-Serving as Commander-In-Chief of the Military

-Carrying out legislation

-Setting foreign policy

-Presenting the State of the Union

Skills Needed

The President needs to be:

-Well educated

-Strong decision making

-Encourage dynamic conflict resolutions

-High motivation

-Eager for innovation


-Natural public speaking skills

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The President must meet the following qualifications:

-At least 35 years or older

-Must be a natural born citizen

-Have lived in The United States for 14 years


The President will be compensated with the following:

-$400,000 salary

-$50,000 a year expense account

-$100,000 a year in travel expenses

-Protection from the secrete service for life, including protection for your immediate family

-Having Air force One as your private plane

-A personal staff up to 500 people

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