The Bill of Rights!

By; Kennedy Wilson

What are the bill of rights?

The bill of rights is the first 10 amendments of the law.

Amendendment 1


you can follow any religion you choose and if you have complaints about the government go ahead and speak whats on your mind.

Amendment 2

-right to bear arm

To protect the country citizen, They all have rights to defend themselves and nobody can stop them from owning guns.

Amendment 3

-the right to privacy in home

Soldiers can't bust in your house and live with you or eat your food

Amendment 4

-Unreasonable search and seizure

Police cant walk through your house or go through you stuff unless they have a good reason to and they have to know exactly where they want to search to and what for.

Amendment 5

-Double jeaporty, Self incrimination, and due process of law

The jury has to have enough evidence to charge you, you can only be charged with a crime once and if you not guilty they cant try again.

Amendment 6

-The rights of accused in criminal cases

If charged with a crime , do your trial as soon as possible so you don't have to sit in jail for years and your trial must be public.

Amendment 7

-Right to a trial

You can have a civil case involving lots of money and your crime can't be brought up in other courts.

Amendment 8

-preventing cruel and unusual punishment

Don't have to pay much money for bail, The government can't punish you in a cruel or unusual way.

Amendment 9

-Rights to retained by the people

The list doesn't mean those are the only rights ,The government can take your rights.

Amendment 10

-limiting federal power

If it don't say states can't do something , They have full power to do it in court of law.