Stella and Dot is Launching a STAR BY HOOPLA PROGRAM....

Why not give it a shot???

Star Stylist is the SWEET SPOT in our Compensation Plan.... and VERY do-able with another job, 10 kids at home or while in school.

There will be TONS of prizes along the way and you know what Miley Cyrus says....

IT'S the CLIMB...

SHOOT for the MOON and WORST case scenario you land AMONG THE STARS....

Join the RISING STAR program TODAY

Ready to go grow? Ready to share our mission and empower more flexible entrepreneurs? Ready to TRIPLE your income, earn fabulous rewards and gobs of free accessories every season by working smarter and putting powerful momentum into your business? Covet the job of the consistent Stella & Dot Star Stylist that works 10-15 hours a week sharing the style and joy to earn over $3,300 per month? Then no matter where you are starting from, this program is for YOU!


SNEAK PEAK ALERT: Achieve the suggested activities and not only will you earn $1,000's, we’ll have your Hoopla HOTEL expenses covered! How exciting is that! Rising Star activity aligns with earning Level 3 (A $300 cash to use towards your air travel!) and even Level 4 (plane ticket $ too!) of our upcoming fabulous Summer Adventure Rewards!

  • Save time by learning our proven systems of success.
  • Maximize your booking skills and do it all at the Trunk Show!
  • Learn to coach new Stylists to success.
  • Learn how to break into new demographics and age groups to strategically expand into new markets.
  • Celebrate a team of engaged, joyful Stylists!
  • Tap into the power of your positivity by getting key life coaching tips!


  • Focused challenges to help you grow with accompanying training calls.
  • Specific follow-up to keep you accountable (and stay fabulous along the way!)
  • Opportunity to earn some seriously stylish swag!
  • Kudos to keep you inspired and learn from your peer’s success.

Thrive with this high-energy and fun challenge to promote by Hoopla. Can’t you just imagine celebrating at our exclusive STAR Studded Soiree! We want you there and we know together, we can make it happen!

LAUNCHING MARCH 1ST! If you're just joining us today, you'll be able to find our week 1 challenge in our Facebook Forum once your register.
1. Register now and you'll be directed to join our Rising Star Facebook page! Here you can share business ideas, inspiration and tips and find weekly challenges from the Home Office.
2. Want to dig in now?

  • MAKE A PLAN: Complete the Promote to Star worksheet from the Getting Started Guide.
  • TIME BLOCK: Set two weekly booking hours and mark it in your planner. Share this schedule with your support network!
  • PREP: Write/Record/Practice your 60-second commercial using the Thrive with Consistent Bookings worksheet found in the Getting Started Guide and SDU.
  • GET SUPPORT. Share your goals with your sponsor or upline team. Plan quick, weekly 15 minute coaching check in's so you get 1 on 1 support.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Mark your calendar to join our kick-off call Friday, March 7 at 11amPT/2pmET

We are so excited to have you join us and look forward to sharing your success every step of the way, now and leading up to the grand celebration at our Star Studded Soiree!

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