Korean New Year

Foods, Traditions, and more

On the day of the Korean New Year

Koreans use a lunar calendar to keep track of date because Korea is on the other side of America and their dates are more different than ours. The lunar calendar is called the Solnal (솔날). It is to keep track of time so you can tell what day it is in Korea. Many Koreans do the New Year in different ways. The most common one is when the whole family gets together and first sings the Korean National Song (애국가) then we eat dinner and then bow to the adults and earn money. The highest my family has ever given me was a hundred dollar bill. The picture above is an example of children bowing to their parents or their relatives. The adults are wearing Korean Traditional clothes. The gifts they get are:

  • Money
  • Gift Cards
  • Free objects
  • Expensive objects (if rich or not)
  • And More

Traditions and Food

Traditions are that Koreans wear hanboks. Hanboks are like a dress for women and a suit for men. the most common food during the Korean New Year is rice and bulgogi. Bulgogi is a brown meat when it is cooked, but when it is raw it is red for the blood and other stuff. Rice is part of the grains in the food pyramid. Rice is healthy if you put the grains that are supposed to be in it. If you don’t put it in there then it will not be good for you. Many Koreans love this time of year when all families gather and celebrate.

Food Images

This is a picture of common foods that Koreans eat on the New Year. The one to the right is a Korean meat called bulgogi. -->

By: Stephanie Yang


Preparing for the New Year in Korea

It is about the Korean New Year and how it is celebrated. you do not need to read it. it is for information