By Jamarr Cummings

General information

Capital Dhaka


the President is Abdul Hamid and the prime minister is sheikh hasina
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  • Many urban Bangladeshi men wear Western-style clothing. Some men wear white religious clothing called pajama (like a Western pajama bottom) and panjabi (like a knee-length pajama top). Men in rural villages often wear a lungi (a circular piece of cloth knotted at the waist and extending to the ankles) with a genji (like an undershirt). Adults do not wear shorts.


  • Political holidays include Ekushey, or Shaheed Dibash (21 February, honoring six people killed in a 1952 political protest), Independence Day (26 March, when independence was declared), Labor Day (1 May), and Victory Day (16 December, when independence was actually achieved).


  • Men enjoy soccer, field hockey, cricket, table tennis, and badminton.
  • The most popular boys' game, ha-du-du, or kabaddi


Televisions are popular in cities; stations play Bengali and Hindi soap operas as well as Hollywood films.


  • Public schooling exists and is free; however, many children drop out after a few years due to economic need or family choice. Though the principles of literacy and education are valued in rural areas, many families simply need their children to work with them at home. Men are more likely to be literate than women. About 60 percent of Bangladeshis have attended some form of schooling, but roughly a third of the students enrolled in grade one of primary school drop out before completing grade five.


  • Babngledesh speaks some Persian, Arabic, Turkic, and English.

how they eat

  • Bangladeshis generally do not use knives and forks at home, but they do use spoons to eat sweets. They eat food with the right hand; the left hand is reserved for personal hygiene
  • At restaurants, the wealthiest person often pays for everyone's meal, particularly among relatives. Eating out is rare for most people, but Chinese restaurants are popular with the middle and upper classes.

about the flag

bangledeshs flag is a red circle it symbolizes the rising sun and the sacrifices made by the Bangladeshi people during their fight for independence.

What they eat

Rice is the main food plus vegetables and fish with sometimes a little meat. Food is cooked in great big dishes over a fire or gas ring. People eat with their hands out of bowls – less washing up!


televisions are popular in cities; stations play Bengali and Hindi soap operas as well as Hollywood films.


Bangladesh listens to Rock,Hip hop and classical